Monday, October 24, 2011

Ask a Book Blogger

Q: How do you do a marquee of people's grab buttons?

A:  I loved having this feature! I took it down because my blog was getting a little cluttered but it is a great way to expose those lovely blogs you follow! When I had mine, I visited the Domestic Witch blog. And she had a great step by step way to do it. Just be sure your blog button codes have a space(&nbsp) between them or else your Marquee will only display one or two. If that happens, just go back and add &nbsp between each blog code. That is the html code for a space. Good luck!

Q: I've heard that in Wordpress you can set it up so that anything you post automatically goes on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. I haven't been able to see anything on Blogspot that has this feature and have to use the buttons below each post to add to Facebook and Twitter. Any ideas?

A:  I use a great facebook app called NetworkedBlogs. Once you sign in(using your facebook account) you register(free) your blog link and then once your in the main account/profile page you will see 'Syndication' in the top right corner. Click on that and it will allow you to sync your blog with Twitter and Facebook, so whenever you add a new post. Facebook and Twitter will share it immediatley!

Q: Is there a way when someone becomes a new follower, you can find out where there blog is so you can check out their blog?

I click on the new follower, but the contact information doesn't appear.

A: If your new follower does indeed have a blog then the blog information should come up when you click on The New Follower icon. Your newest follower may not have a blog and could just be following you through Twitter or Google.

This is an open feature. Other bloggers and readers a welcome and encouraged to share their own opinion on these questions in the comments!

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