Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ask a Blogger-New Feature

As a book blogger I get a lot of e-mails, facebook messages or tweets from other fellow bloggers looking for tips and/or advice when it comes to blogging. Those questions have led me to this new feature Ask a Book Blogger. I am aware that there are other blogs out there that also have a similar feature. As bloggers we just want to help new bloggers, as other bloggers have helped us when we were just starting out. So, I decided to put a little twist on this feature so it's not so much like the others.

You ask the questions, I will post it here with my advice, BUT then I will ask that other bloggers weigh in, in the comments section. So not only are you getting my opinion but you will also be getting the opinions of others, and will hopefully find a solution among them. You can ask anything blog or book related!

Everyone is welcome to chime in!

I would like this to be a weekly feature but that depends on the popularity. So it may start out sporadic.

Ask Away!

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