Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoppin' Time!/TGIF

Question of the Week: “Many of us primarily read one genre of books, with others sprinkled in. If authors stopped writing that genre, what genre would you start reading? Or would you give up reading completely if you couldn’t read that genre anymore?”

Although I read a lot of Young Adult, I love most genres! If Young adult wiped off the planet, I would probably start with the contemporary and historical fiction.(But let's hope nothing like that happens to young adult!)

Question of the Week: Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story? If so, which one?

Great question! But no, not that I can recall. I have always rooted for the hero, the love interest, the main sqeeze. All that good stuff! But there have been times that I've "fallen" for the villian, or that I've swooned over him. Sometimes the villian will capture me but I always root for the hero in the end :)

Question of the Week: Which books would you love to see made in to a TV series? or movie?
Ohh! Great question. I love all the questions this week! This list could go on and on, so I will just pick a top 3.
(Reviews for these 3 books can be found in my review archive)

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  1. hey! im a new follower, love the blog!

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  2. Hi there, old follower stopping by!

    It's good that you always root for the hero in the end! Some books have characters that annoy me so much that I don't really want anyone to win lol. Although, I don't think there's a case where I wanted the villain to have the the happy ending...

    I would be really sad if the YA genre didn't exist, too-- but I also like historical non-fiction, biographies, and the classics :)

    You can see my FF answer for this week at the link below-- would love if you stopped by!

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  3. I fall for the villan all the time, and sometimes I feel bad that I dislike the main characters! :)

    New follower

  4. Hey, new follower! Sometimes I "fall" for the bad guy too, or if there's a love triangle and I want the girl to end up with the "other guy" who happens to be sort of bad. Take Damon from VD. I'm all about him :)

    My Follow Friday :)

  5. Completely agree sometimes the villain can be be pretty awesome but at the end of the day the hero is always the best!!

    Great post, new follower:D

    My Post

  6. Hi, great blog! I can't root for the villian either, but sometimes they are so much fun to read!

    New follower :0)

    My Follow Friday

    Sarah @ The Book Life

  7. Yep! I agree! My answer is similar. New follower :) I used to have this template :)

    My FF- Book Briefs


  8. I never thought of Revolution. Yes, Yes, Yes! That would be a good one!

  9. Please don’t be shocked but this week I’ve got a straightforward, cut and dried answer to this week’s question... for a change!

    Root for villains? No way, no how. Why am I being so narrow minded? Follow me back to my blog and find out why –

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
    Get Inside a Story

  10. Great posts! I love your book to movies picks!

    My Follow Friday!

  11. When I was a teen the YA selection was really lacking. I'm delighted that there are so many more great books for my almost teen to read in a few years.

    There are so many different things to read even if new books in a favorite genre stopped being published. Please come see what I would read.

  12. If YA died, I would be extremely devastated.

    Don't normally root for the villain but I feel sad for them sometimes.


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