Thursday, September 8, 2011

Does A Bear Sh*t In The Woods(Answers to rhetorical questions) by Caroline Tagger

Does a Bear Sh*t in the Woods?: Answers to Rhetorical Questions
Humour: 160 Pages
Publisher: Plume Books
Published: July 26th, 2011
Series: None
Source: From publisher for review
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Serious answers to rhetorical questions--what's not to like?
For those of us who have long wondered where bears go to take care of their business, if the Pope is actually Catholic, or whether anyone is really made of money, Caroline Taggart provides the answers to these and a host of previously unanswerable questions.

From the most profound questions of philosophy to queries of geography and science, this deadpan book is full of hilarious information you never knew you needed including:

What's love got to do with it?
How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?
Where does the time go?
Can a leopard change his spots?

When reading the title to this review, you may be thinking "Huh?" That's what I thought when I first learned about this book, but when I had a look at the premise I must admit, it piqued my interest.

I'm so glad I didn't pass up on this book! It proved to be a fun, witty page-turner. Caroline Taggart did a great job a providing real answers to those pesky rhetorical questions but she did it in a humorous fashion. Aside from having fun, I was actually learning, too. I was learning about things that I never really thought about before, but found the information really interesting.

This book has already made it's rounds with my family and friends. I couldn't resist pulling it out and sharing some of the tidbits inside, it made for great conversation. I can't wait to break out of the witty answers next time I hear someone use one of the rhetorical questions that Caroline tackles.

This is the perfect book to pull out at a party, or to read during your lunch break at work. Whenever you need that blast of entertainment. Does a Bear Sh*t in the Woods will definitely provide that for you!
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