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Burnout by Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Young Adult: 208 Pages
Published: September 13th, 2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Series: None
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On the day after Halloween, Nan wakes up in a subway car. She is not dreaming. She doesn’t know where she’s been or what she’s done. She’s missing a whole day from her life. And she’s wearing skeleton makeup and a too-small Halloween costume that she doesn't remember putting on.

Nan is not supposed to wake up in places like this anymore. She’s different now, so far from that dangerously drunk girl who hit bottom in the Nanapocalypse. She needs to find out what happened to her, and fast. As she tries to put together the pieces of the last twenty-four hours, she flashes back to memories of her previous life. But she would never go back to her old friends and her old ways. Would she?

The deeper Nan digs, the more disturbing things get. This time, she may have gone one step too far. This time, she may be a walking ghost.

 "There was a long silence, and I realized I was shaking. Telling the truth like that, just everything at once, wasn't something I was used to." -Nan

My immediate first impression with this novel, before even cracking the book open was "mysterious". I knew this was going to be one of those books that keep you on the edge of your seat, and flying though the pages to fit all the pieces together. The cover alone doesn't even give the slightest thing away, although I do find it very enticing!

Burnout kept me in suspense throughout the entirety of the novel. We are taken through Nan's emotional struggle with life. Her past struggle with drugs and alcohol and her struggle with her identity. It is an emotional twisted read. I laughed and I cried. My heart went out to Nan. I couldn't wait to get to the end and put the final piece in place. I didn't know where Adrienne Vrettos was going to take this story, even right up to the last few chapters, but once all was revealed, it all fell into place. Flawlessly.

Burnout. It's heart wrenching and beautiful all at the same time. An emotional roller coaster but a bold read. I love that Vrettos didn't sugarcoat a moment, and let the raw emotions radiate off the pages. A hauntingly beautiful story about a girl. Loved it!
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