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Dear Bully: Blogger Edition-Sharing your story

Dear Bully: Blogger Edition is a project that was started here at The Crazy Bookwork. The project is to promote the amazing concept of the novel Dear Bully which is a collaboration of stories from 70 various young adult authors, who share with us their personal experiences with bullying. The project is also to bring awareness to bullying and to contribute to the end of it. You can participate, too. If you have a story you would like to share, or if you would like to just share some kind words to victims of bullying, you can do that also. You can remain anonymous.

To learn more or if you are interested in participating, you can do so HERE

This story comes from: Jodie from Books for Company

I had a great time at my primary school (age 5-11) but when l moved up to secondary school (11-16) l went to a school which nearly none of my primary school friends went to meaning l had to start all over again.

When l was around 13 l started to be bullied by 3 guys and a few girls. I was mainly called a name (which l would rather not say) and also constantly 'annoyed' by them. By annoyed l mean kicking my chair in the class they were sitting behind me, pulling me hair and my clothes, trying to pull my trousers down.

These things were done to degrade me and even though l felt like they sometimes did, l did have some friends, some friends who stuck by me and most importantly they didn't mention it and pretended it didn't happen. For some reason l felt like this was the best thing at that time as l didn't want to talk about it.
Message to victims: These people who are doing this want to feel strong, they like to think they are above everyone else but matter of fact, they aren't.

Most people dislike them, even their friends often dislike them and when you finish school you will find you are the kind person who everyone wants to talk to and they will have no friends left.

Talk to someone, find someone you can trust. This is the most important thing.

Message to Bullies: You are not better than anyone else, no matter how much you think you are. We are all equal in this world.

Final words: I think this is a great idea and although it had been really hard for me to share my story, l want to do it to help others.

Thank you Jodie for sharing your story! Letting people know they are not alone is one of the most important things when it comes to bullying, and by sharing your story and your messages you are doing exactly that. Thank you for speaking up for children and teens that are suffering in silence!
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  1. The worst things is bullying doesnt stop. I get bullied at work every day.

  2. I think it's great your doing this and will help people see they aren't alone!

    Lisa - I am sorry that happens to you, work is somewhere it shouldn't happen!


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