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Dear Bully: Blogger Edition Post #1

Dear Bully: Blogger Edition is a project that was started here at The Crazy Bookwork. The project is to promote the amazing concept of the novel Dear Bully which is a collaboration of stories from 70 various young adult authors, who share with us their personal experiences with bullying. The project is also to bring awareness to bullying and to contribute to the end of it. You can participate, too. If you have a story you would like to share, or if you would like to just share some kind words to victims of bullying, you can do that also. You can remain anonymous.

To learn more or if you are interested in participating, you can do so HERE

This story comes from: The Book Mermaid

It all started during sophomore year. My friends, let's call them Mary and Daisy, were becoming jealous of me. I had another friend whom I had more fun with, went to NYC together, and did other fun stuff. Mary and Daisy were becoming jealous, especially Daisy. I still hanged out with them and had fun with them.

Then came junior year. Two others joined the group. Let's call those two Jenny and Cynthia. Every time I would talk though, Daisy would shut me up and ignore me. Jenny and Cynthia had the same problem. We decided to not be so close to them. It's not right to be ignored. Jenny and Cynthia had a lot of problems. I was always there and listened to them. I made sure they felt happy because I hated when they felt bad.

Then, Jenny and Cynthia were being really mean to Daisy. I felt bad and stayed by Daisy's side. Later on, in school we had a friends dress alike day. We could dress like twins or the same color. I couldn't go with my group, so I told Jenny, Cynthia, Mary, and Daisy that I couldn't go that day due to having a huge amount of homework. Jenny ran away and started talking. My other friend looked over and saw her giving me dirty looks. I didn't understand why.

After that, all of them were ignoring me completely and when I went to lunch one day, they stared and made fun of me. I was scared and I left because I didn't want to cry in front of them. This continued and continued. I came home everyday and cried my eyes out. I didn't want to go back to school. Then Daisy started making fun of me right in front of me, saying the worst things possible.

I started skipping class and stayed in the nurse's office where I felt safe.

Junior year ended and I was still scared. Mary still talked to me. She never really was apart of the bullies when they were making fun of me, but she never really stopped them.

In September, I'll be starting Senior Year and I'm scared. I'm scared to face them again, but maybe I shouldn't be. Honestly, every where I went during Junior year, the bullies followed, especially Daisy. Jenny, well I heard that others always make fun of her and the day before the last day of school, I heard some girl saying that they were annoyed at the fact that Daisy was going to be in their class.

No matter what will happen during senior year, it only for a few months before I graduate and leave them. Where they go, is there choice, not mine. But the pain that I went through during Junior year, I will never forget. They hurt me so much, I prayed every night that things were going to get better and that I would not see them in the hallways.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I understand how hard it can be to step forward and speak about this, that already shows how brave and strong you are. It's hard to face your bullies everyday. High School is said to be "The Best time of our lives" but when you are thrown into uncomfortable situations, day after day, those times aren't so great are they?

When you walk through those school doors on your first day of High School, walk with your head high, know that you are stronger than the individuals picking on you. And don't be afraid to speak out, and make the situation known to someone(Teacher, Parent, Principal, Counsellor, friends, etc) You don't have to suffer in silence.

Dear Bully hits shelves on August 23rd. To learn more you can visit the Official website or Facebook page
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  1. I very important project. I will look into participating.

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    Thanks for all you're doing to spread the word about DEAR BULLY!!



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