Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calling all Canadian Book Bloggers!

The Crazy Bookworm is on the search for Canadian Book Bloggers that are interested in participating in a blog tour. Below you can find information about the book and it's release date. If you are interested please fill out the form below. I will forward your contact information to the author and you will be contacted by her.


The year is 1746. A young woman from South Carolina and a Scottish Highlander share an intimacy and devotion beyond their understanding. They’ve known each other their entire lives. And yet they have never met…

Maggie Johnson has been gifted with “the Sight” ever since she was a child. Her dreams bring her visions of the future, and of a presence she knows is real. She calls him Wolf, and has seen him grow alongside her from a careless young boy into a fearsome warrior. And when her life is torn asunder by unspeakable tragedy, he is her only hope.

Andrew MacDonnell is entranced by the vision of a beautiful woman who has always dwelt in his dreams. When war ravages his land and all he has ever known, he leaves the Scottish Highlands on a perilous journey to the New World to find her, knowing that their only chance of survival is with one another…

Their quest to find each other across a treacherous wilderness will test the limits of courage and endurance, guided only by their dreams—and by the belief in the true love they share …


A beautifully written, riveting novel.

--Madeline Hunter, New York Times bestselling author of "Dangerous in Diamonds"

Graham's sweeping tale unfolds with the kind of luscious, unrushed prose that feels rapturously close to epic.

--Shana Abé, New York Times bestselling author of "The Time Weaver"

  Genevieve Graham 
What the author says about Under The Same Sky

"I began writing "Under the Same Sky" while I waited for Diana Gabaldon's next instalment, needing to fill those lonely places that opened up when I didn't have one of her books in front of me! So while "Under the Same Sky" is an adventure, and a historical romance, don't be fooled by the cover photo. There is nothing "Regency" or glamorous about my book. It is gritty, real, heartbreaking and thrilling." Releases from Berkley Trade/Penguin US January 3rd, 2012

Author Websites: (editing services only)

I can't wait to get my hands on this book and start reading! The Crazy Bookworm is going to be a part of this blog tour, and I hope you will be, too! To sign up for the blog tour FILL OUT THIS FORM. The author will be in contact with you.
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