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'And Then..." You finish the story!

And Then... is a feature hosted here at The Crazy Bookworm. To learn more about this feature or other features hosted at The Crazy Bookworm, check out The Crazy Bookworm Feature Page!

How to Play

Easy! I'll write a paragraph, and it is up to you guys to finish the story!

Follow where the story is going in the comments, and add your own submission. 

This is meant to be a fun feature. You don't have to be a writer or an aspiring one. This is welcome to everyone. It can be silly, serious, funny, or weird...Even a little crazy

Please do not feel the need to stick with the topic I start with. The story could start off like a princess fairytale but end with a crazy Zompire(Zombie+vampire). Remember, this is supposed to be fun and interactive!


•Please make your submission atleast a minimum of one paragraph.
•To add your part of the story, just simply click on the comments and read along to see where the story is heading, then add your own paragraph.

•Open to everyone! Anyone can submit a paragraph. If you are uncomfortable with posting as yourself, you can post as anonymous. Just select 'Anonymous' in the comment box.

•Light sexual content is okay. Please keep in mind that teenagers as young as 13 and 14 read this blog, so I ask that it is kept light.

•No vulgar language.

•You do not have to stick to one genre, if you have a great idea that changes it up, and flows with the story then please type away!

  • Also, please feel free to submit a 'story opening' for the next story in your submission. 


Now let's get started!

"The last person I expected to walk into the elevator with me at Bentley's Department store was Jeff Parker, my EX boyfriend. We were not on speaking terms, so I knew it was going to make for a very akward 3 floor elevator ride. But then something even more unexpected and even more akward happened...The power went out and we were stuck, in the elevaor. Together!"

Ok, thats it! I can't wait to read where you guys are going to take this, and remember FUN is the key ingredient here ;) The story is in your hands, take it wherever you want it to go!

 Please feel free to post about this on your blog, facebook or twitter, and invite your friends back here to join in on the fun. The more the merrier!
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  1. I couldn't see a thing! I started to shake. I couldn't stand the darkness. I wanted to scream. This can't be happening! And HE was still here!

    "The power went out," Jeff says simply.

    "Well, duh!" I clamp my lips shut. I will NOT talk to him.

    "Shouldn't we, you know," He shrugs, or I think he does, "escape?"

    I will not talk to him. I will not talk to him. I repeat those words in my head, over and over again.

    He sighs. "Look, if we want to get out of here we need to talk and cooperate. Truce?"

    I stay quiet for a moment, gritting my teeth, before murmuring, "Fine."

    "What should we do?"

  2. I lean across him and punch the glowing red E button - "E" for emergency.

    It takes a little while, but finally a voice can be heard through the static "H - Hello?"

    "Um.. hi. I think we're stuck in the elevator. Elevator 9"

    "You think were stuck?" hisses Jeff.

  3. "Now is SO not the time for your attitude!" I snapped back.

    "Well, don't tell me, tell her" he said pointing at the emergency box.

    I turned back to the box and started again.

    "Hi, we're trapped in an elevator in Bentleys."

    I waited for a reply but all I got was broken static punctuated with the odd word. All I could make out was 'street', 'hear', 'gone', 'out'.
    I had no idea what she was talking about.
    I sighed heavily and lent back against the wall.

    "It looks like we're on our own for this one."


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