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Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

Young Adult: 320 Pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: July 12th, 2011
Series: None
Source: Finished copy from publisher
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On the last day of her junior year, Hannah's boyfriend Sebastian dumped her. Facing a summer of loneliness, Hannah turns to her best friend Ava for comfort. Ava does what BFFs do: she stays by Hannah's side...until it's time for Ava to head up to Maine for the summer. Also left behind is Ava's boyfriend, Noah, who's such a great guy he gets Hannah a job at the diner he waits tables at. Slowly, Hannah comes out of her funk thanks to Noah's good conversation and their fun times at the diner. But things get complicated when their friendship turns into attraction--and one night, into a passionate kiss.
The novel opens on the first day of senior year; the day Hannah is going to see Ava, Sebastian, and Noah all in one place. Over the course of the day secrets and betrayals are revealed, and alliances are broken and reformed. In the end, everyone is paired up once again, but not the way you might think...

"It's a strange feeling, to be completely on edge, your heart pounding, and really having no idea what you feel about anything"- Hannah Kaplan
The reasons why I wanted to read Sometimes It Happens: 1. The simple, yet alluring cover. The small case font and the soft colours just screamed READ ME! 2. The Premise. It is a twist on "Boy meets Girl". Right up my alley!
The Reasons why I loved Sometimes It Happens: 1. The unbelievably amazing character cast. 2. The simple writing style. 3. The layout of the chapters; from past, to present. 4. The heart-pounding storyline.
I have discovered some fantastic authors ever since I joined the Book Blogging community, but I have to say that Lauren Barnholdt made it to one of my favourites. I absolutely fell in love with this novel, and the authors writing style. She took a complicated subject and crafted it into an intense, page-turning read. I couldn't put this book down.

Hannah will remain one of my most loved book characters. She is simple, average and absolutely hilarious at times. I adored her. I bonded with her almost immediately, she became some what of a friend. I couldn't wait to pick up the book after a long day and pay her a visit. I don't know what it was about Hannah, or if it was even one specific thing that drew me to her so much, but I ended up caring for her. Noah was a great bold character that I really liked, and his outings with Hannah lead to some great laugh out loud moments. Ava was an interesting character. Although I enjoyed the relationship that Ava and Hannah shared, she irritated me at times. The author created such simple characters but they all stick out, and will stay with me long after I've read the book.
The premise paints a sticky situation. Hannah and Ava have been best friends for years, but when Ava goes to Maine for the Summer, Hannah and Noah build a friendship while working at the same Diner and in turn, develop some feelings. Sounds a little messy! But the author delivered it in a way where I was sympathizing with Hannah and Noah, and was rooting(for lack of a better word) for them.

The author captured the minds of the characters flawlessly, and took a touchy subject and crafted it into a beautiful story. I will definitely be picking up the authors previous books, and anxiously await her future novels!
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  1. I loved this book! I really liked the writing style and characters :)

  2. The cover immediately drew me in as well! I must read this book, I absolutely love characters that I am able to connect with. This book sounds fantastic - great review!

    Bonnie @ HandsAndHome


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