Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reminder: The Book Panel Chat tonight at 7:30!


The Book Panel is tonight at 7:30pm(eastern) here at The Crazy Bookworm. Everyone is welcome! It is a free chat(no sign up or registration required) and we will be talking anything book related. We can chat about the latest books that we've read that we want to rant and/or rave about. We can chat about authors, book news, books becoming movies, anything at all!

How it works: It's easy! Just stop by The Crazy Bookworm blog at 7:30 PM. The chat will be right on the homepage. Simply create a screen name, and that's it, start chatting!
  • No vulgar language. I understand people can slip up, so if it happens, I'll politely let you know, but if you intentionally do it again, I'll have to remove you from the chat.
  • No personal attacks, not everyone likes the same thing. Feel free to express your opinion but please do it in a mature manner.
  • Keep it book related
  • Have fun!
I'm really looking forward to chatting with you guys! See you at 7:30!

If you need more information on what time the chat will be in your country/state. Click here
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