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Interview with a Blogger(Dear Bully Edition): Black Nailed Reviews

The Crazy Bookworm is thrilled to welcome Alisha from Black Nailed Reviews. She has been a wonderful supporter of Dear Bully: Blogger Edition and has been kind enough to stop by and share her story and thoughts on bullying. 

Black Nailed Reviews

First off, Thank you for taking the time to stop by to talk about bullying!

Thank you for letting me share my story! :)

In one word, describe a bully

I'll play nice and say...ignorant.

How old were you when the bullying started?

I was in kindergarten when it started. It wasn't kids in my kindergarten; it was kids around my neighborhood.

How did it make you feel?

At first, I didn't understand. I couldn't believe someone was so cruel to someone they didn't know. I was around 5 or 6 when it started, so it caused made me to cry.

Did you reach out to anyone, or have a support system?

For most of my childhood, I never did. When it would happen, I would let them do whatever it was whether it was name-calling or physical, then I would go by myself and cry. I didn't want pity or to be disappointed that the person I told wouldn't help. The only person who really knew was my best friend, Tyler. He had his fair share of standing up for me. :)

What got you through that time in your life?

Of course, my friends and family were a huge part of it. They protected me and taught me how to be assertive. But, books were my way to get away as well. I didn't like the reality I was living and needed to create some type of escape from it.

Why do you think you were targeted?

From the names they called me, mostly everything. I know that's cliche, but it honestly was. It went from my race to my looks to my lisp to my accent. Everything. However, I feel sorry for them because they acted on ignorance rather than knowing me.

Unfortunately, a lot of Kids and Teens suffer in silence. How would you encourage someone to reach out?

I would tell them to find the closest person they know, whether it is a family member or friend, and tell them everything. Talk about it in a stream of conciousness and don't hold anything back. It builds up and gets to be too much. Once you are able to spill everything, it is a weight off your shoulders and they will help you find a way to make things better.

If you could give a message to a bully, what would you say to them?

Three words: Knock it off! It isn't helping them or you. You're wounding that person in more ways than one and you're hurting your own reputation. If you keep up what you're doing, no one will want to be around you and it will be too late for apologies.

In your opinion, do you think there is a civil way to teach a bully to stop, without being a bully yourself?(i.e without physical or verbal retaliation)

I will admit that one point, I did punch someone for what they said. I do NOT condone fighting and I still regret the action I took. The best way to stop a bully is to ignore them. When you just sit there and not play their game, they give up. It may takes days or weeks, but they will give up. If talking to them (in a civil manner) does not work, act like they don't exist. It will be hard, but it is effective.

What do you think Dear Bully will do for it's readers?

Teach that they're not alone. When being bullied you feel alone, but there are many people who feel and have gone through the same situation. I think it would benefit many people to know that someone somewhere has experienced the same thing.

Is there anything you would like to say to the victims of bullying?

You are not alone. There are many people who have gone through the same thing and got through it. You can too, all you have to remember is that you are not alone and it does get better. Grow from the experience and share your story to help others.

Thank you, Alisha!

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