Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hoppin' Time!

Book Blogger Hop

Question of the Week: “Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!”

I'd have to go with my review for Bitter End by Jennifer Brown. I chose this post because the book is a raw and honest truth of what happens behind closed doors in an abusive relationship. Jennifer Brown did a fantastic job getting into the mind of both the abuser and the victim.

Question of the Week: What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen? (Both of which could be terrifying.)
Well, as a big fan of Zombie fiction...And an aspiring writer of zombie fiction. I feel like I would handle myself pretty good during a Zombie Apocalypse. Like Parajunkee said, baseball bats are an A+. Also, any kind of Axe or hard blunt object. Machetes or swords if you can, because silence and a clean kill is key! I would also lock up my doors and windows, strap on bark collars on my dogs(so they don't attract attention) and watch our water and food intake. Lay low and fight when you need too. Zombie's will eventually starve to death and/or die of decay, so timing and patience is everything. Now if there was ever a spider apocalypse...I'd be screwed! ;)
And like Belle said from Belle's Bookshelf, hopefully all the trash TV I watch will steer Zombies away from my brains too. I mean Jersey Shore can make a brain pretty unappetizing, right?
For Fans of Zombie books I have to recommend David Moody's Autumn Series. Book's 1 and 2 are out now and book 3 is coming out in august. Visit his website or Zombie fan site for more info!


 Happy hopping everyone, and have a great weekend! Be sure to leave your blog link so I can hop back!
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  1. Ah, excellent tips! I am taking notes. I am completely unprepared and a little afraid for my future in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.


  2. Hopping through. It took me a minute to realize you meant baseball bats not flying rat bats :-)
    My Anniversary Hop

  3. New follower,,and thanks for the info,,I have been sorely missed inform,,with Dawn of the Dead,,lol
    thanks for sharing

  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great answer ;) my FF is here,

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. New follower and hoppin' through :)

    Thanks for all the knowledge you have shared with us about Zombies. To bad I don't have a machete, an axe, or a real sword. And oh gosh, spider apocalypse? *shudder* I'd rather not think about it.
    Hopping by again soon!

    My FF:

  6. Wow, awesome tips! I think I'm going to go back and change my plan now to, "What the Crazy Bookworm said" :)

  7. Hi-I'm a new follower (NAY) from Follow Friday Blog Hop:)
    Come visit me too:)
    Like the look of your bloggy, btw!

  8. Great tips...I'm adding them to my limited store of zombie apocalypse knowledge :)

  9. oops! Here's my blog link:

  10. Popping over from Parajunkee. I haven't read any zombie fiction (beyond that horrid Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and honestly I'm not sure that I want to. Can you recommend a good entre into the subgenre.

    Happy Friday! I'm following you now.

    (my follow-friday post)

  11. howard@malinche.netThe Follow Friday post is (and, as always, please be sure to include the signature below):

    As the saying goes – the best defense is a good offense. I’ve got that covered! My preparations for the zombie apocalypse are not just intricate, they’re stylish. I’m not talking “last stand” stuff here. I mean to lure in the zombies and slaughter them wholesale while we sip champagne and watch.

    How am I going to do that? Follow me back to my blog at and read all about it.

    Thank G-d it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman, Implementor

  12. Just doing a drive by from the blog hop.

    I hope your Friday is an excellent one and one filled with everything you need to fight off zombies!

    Kelly (and Donna too!) from Book Lover's Hideaway

  13. Thanks for the visit and for the book recommendations. I'll put them on my list.
    I hope you have a nice weekend!


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