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Author Spotlight: Ellen Hopkins( A part of Dear Bully: Blogger Edition)

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Ellen Hopkins is the New York Times bestselling author of Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, and Identical. She lives in Carson City, Nevada, with her husband and son. Visit Ellen: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Dear Bully Interview

Describe a bully in one word


In your opinion, Do you think there is a civil way to teach a bully to stop, without being a bully yourself(i.e. without physical or verbal retaliation)

There has to be, doesn't there? I think asking the bully why he/she feels the need to attack someone weaker, in a straightforward, non-judgmental way, can help them understand the underlying psyche. And maybe asking the bully about who has bullied him/her, because most often, this is learned behavior. Programmed, even.

What motivated you to contribute to Dear Bully?

Suicides. Young people who can't see beyond being harassed today, and so choose to believe this is the only way out. We, as individuals and as a society, have a duty to step in and try to change the behaviors that lead to these tragedies.

If you had the chance to talk to your teenage self, and give her a message. What would you say?

Dear Teen Self: You have been hurt. And you will be hurt worse over the years, but always you will come away from those painful periods stronger. Only through experiencing pain will you come to understand the true meaning of joy. And joy, always, eclipses pain.

What would you like to say to the future readers of Dear Bully?

The authors who have contributed to this book are, for many of you, heroes. We weren't always that. We survived bullying, or saw ourselves as bullies and chose to be bigger people. Our children have been bullied, or the children of people we know, and we're dedicated to changing that.

Bullying is the result of fear. Those who bully, in a very large sense, are cowards, who prey on the weak or those who are different, in a bid to be braver, garner attention or simply repeat what they know. Together, we can conquer fear and value those who are different. Like authors. Like you.

Ellen Hopkins was kind enough to stop by The Crazy Bookworm to speak out against Bullying and talk about her participation in the novel for Dear Bully: Blogger Edition. To learn more about Dear Bully: Blogger Edition and/or to participate please click HERE

Let's take a stand against bullying together!
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  1. Only through experiencing pain will you come to understand the true meaning of joy. And joy, always, eclipses pain.

    Love that statement! True, profound, and very well-said. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good Interview. THANKS. That is a topic that needs discussion.

  3. Good interview. Bullying and suicide should be put into the spotlight. Big time.


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