Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Young Adult/Science Fiction: 272 Pages
Published: April 5th, 2011
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Series: None
Source: Finished copy from publisher
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What does it mean to have a soul whose will to live knows no limits? This gripping psychological thriller establishes Martyn Bedford as a hot new literary talent for young adults.
Friday, December 14th. Fourteen-year-old Alex rushes home that night to beat his curfew. The next morning, he wakes up in an unfamiliar house, in a different part of the country, and it's the middle of June. Six months seem to have disappeared overnight. The family at the breakfast table? Total strangers. And when Alex looks in the mirror, another boy — called Philip, or Flip — stares back. The race against the clock is on, and unless Alex finds out what's happened and how to get back to his own life, he'll be forever trapped in someone else's body and life.

I had such a blast reading Flip! It was a nice, refreshing change from the average young adult books that I have read.

Flip packs a lot of punch. It hooked me in from the very first page and didn't let me go. It delivers a compelling story while packaged in only 270 pages, making it a quick but gripping read! The premise alone is enough to draw you into the book; Waking up in someone else's body?! Whoa! Flip lived up to it's intriguing premise and simple cover. The deliverance of the story and the character development was flawless. It was fast-paced and riveting. The characters, especially Flip aka Alex were so bold and well written.

This book was full of so much greatness, that I am having a hard time reviewing it because I just want to rave about it, but I don't want to let any spoilers slip...Which is really hard! Plain and simple, Flip was awesome! Not being a big fan of Science Fiction, I was a little apprehensive about it but the book gave me a whole new look into the genre, one that I am eager to discover!

For fans of YA novels, I strongly recommend Flip, it adds a great twist to the Young Adult world!
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  1. This sounds crazy good - and I agree it seems like a refreshing change from what a lot of YA books are about right now!

  2. Sounds pretty different, might pick it up! Nice review :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad to see you really enjoyed Flip! lol, I still think the cover reminds me of The Social Network... -.-


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