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Sunday, April 3, 2011

In My Mailbox

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  1. yay born at midnight! and yay lost voices! good IMM this week =)

  2. Awesome books this week.
    I got Born at Midnight this week too.
    Looking forward to reading The Betrayal of Maggie Blair.
    Happy reading.

  3. Ohh, I really want to read Playing Hurt and The Betrayal of Maggie Blair! Enjoy your awesome reads!

  4. I really want to check out Born at Midnight. Loved the vlog!

  5. I really do enjoy your IMM vlogs Cathy! For some reason, I find your little added on corrections amusing, lol.

    Every time I look at the cover for Flip, I still The Social Network, lol. I showed my sister the cover asking her what it reminded her of and she had the same response! I hope you enjoy the novel! (And it was too cool to hear the little shout-out!!)

    And oh my gosh, if you don't fall in love with Playing Hurt, I think I'll be surprised! It was SO GOOD!

    Happy Reading! :)

  6. Lots of good titles. ENJOY!!



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