Monday, April 11, 2011

Hoppin' away! The Non-Weekend Edition!

Book Blogger Hop

Question of the Week: "Outside of books, what is your guilty pleasure?"

My boyfriend hates me for this, but my guilty pleasure is MTV. I watch The Jersey Shore, The Real World, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant... If it's on MTV I watch it. I love reality T.V so that means American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, too! I also have a new guilty pleasure, although I don't think anyone should be guilty about this...Adele. Her newest album 21 just came out and...Wow!

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  1. I love Adele too. She has an incredible voice.

  2. I love Adele, she's amazing :D You definitely don't have to feel guilty for listening to her :L Have a great week! :D


  3. I don't have MTV :( Probably a good thing or I am sure I would be hooked to those programmes too.


  4. haha my boyfriend hates it when I watch Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant and all the other mtv shows too. They are a guilty little addiction aren't they? Happy Reading from your newest follower =o)

  5. Adele is fab. I just got her new album for my birthday last month.


  6. My 37 year-old husband watches MTV and I tease him mercilessly!

    Old follower hopping through! Jen at

  7. My daughter loves all of those shows too! I have to admit whenever she has them on I do stop and watch as well!
    New follower and I grabbed your badge!

  8. Stopping by on the blog can find me at

    Great blog, happy to be following!

  9. Coming through on the blog hop. Came in late as only checked it out today! enjoy the weekend.


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