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Author Spotlight- Elizabeth Scott

*Between Here and Forever-Coming May 2011
*Love you, hate you, miss you
*Stealing Heaven
*Something, Maybe
*The Unwritten Rule
*Perfect You
*Living Dead Girl

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Though I ran from anything and everything having to do with writing, I didn’t run from books. From the moment I learned to read, I was never far from a book, and I loved them with an intensity that persists till this day. I love the smell of books, the weight of them, the dizzying anticipation of opening one and looking at the words that hold out their hands, beckoning you into another world, into someone else’s life, or new ideas. Read full bio here

Tell us 5 things about yourself
1. I hate going to the doctor. This has caused some problems because if you're sick, just trust me on this one and GO!

2. I'm left-handed

3. I met my husband while trying to get away from an annoying guy at a party when I was 18

4. I never thought about--or wanted to--write fiction until I was 27

5. I've never had a cavity

Where does that inspiration for your books come from?
All kinds of things! Reading, talking, listening, driving, in the shower, cleaning toilets, in dreams--you name it, and I've probably been inspired during it somehow!

I've read your bio, and you have quite the list of past jobs- Did you ever think 'Published author' would be in your future?Never! I hated fiction writing when I was growing up--I didn't like to make stuff up, I just wanted to read books, and so finding out that I liked writing them? Total shock!

What is a day in the life of Elizabeth Scott like?
Right now, it's getting up, seeing how I'm feeling, and then doing as much work as I can!

Finish this sentence "I can't live without..."
My husband. (I know, but it's true! I adore him.)

Where is your favourite writing place? And do you have any 'must haves' while writing?
I can write just about anywhere, and I do like to be wearing comfy writing pants, but that's not 100% necessary. Oh, and I need something to write on/with :-)

If you could bring to life any book character in history, who would you choose?
I wouldn't do it! They wouldn't be like they were in the book because they'd be--well, in this time, in this now, and it just--I don't know. I like my fictional characters to stay fictional!

When your not reading or writing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Celebrity gossip, for sure! I also like watching TV and movies and hanging out with my friends and family.

Are you working on anything now? If so, can you share a little?
I have a book coming out in May called Between Here and Forever. It's about Abby, and how she's dealing with life after her older sister's accident, one that has left Abby's sister in a coma. It's got a cute guy (isn't that a must??) and as a bonus, two characters from Bloom, my first novel, show up in a very unusual way!

Crazy Quiz!
Favourite/dream vacation spot?

Favourite all-time movie?
I can't pick just one!

Day or Night?

Coffee or Tea?
Water :-)

One guilty pleasure you have?

Potato chips. Oh, how I love them!

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