Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog about your dog(or cat) Mondays

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The Crazy Bookworm is primarily a book blog BUT aside from books, animals are a big part of my life. Especially dogs. I own and run my own pet spa so when I'm not reading, I am usually romping around with a 4-legged ball of energy.

I own 3 dogs of my own(Yes! It is a crazy house) but I wouldn't trade it for any other lifestyle. I would have more dogs if I could but A) my boyfriend would kill me B) The Ontario law only allows 3 per household...Bummer! Is there anything better than a cute, frumpy puppy galloping around?!

I'd like to introduce you to my 3 four-legged bookworms/feetwarmers/crumbpicker-uppers.

Bentley(4yr old schnoodle)- He may be small but he is mighty! Bentley is the Warden of the house. Anyone that wants in, has to go through him first. He is stubborn and thinks he is the size of a great dane. But he has a very loving personality, he is loyal and always on the ready to curl up beside you to watch a movie or read a good book.

Rocky(2yr old Black lab) Meet Rocco aka Rocky aka Rockstar. He is the biggest puppy you will ever meet. I think Bentley and Rocky swapped personality's. All Rocky wants to do is play(with 10 minute catnaps in between) He is supplied with endless energy and spunk. Bentley and Rocky are also BFF's. The will not go anywhere without each other. Where there is one you will always find the other.

Webster(8 yr blue heeler cross)- She is the mother of the group.(Yes, webster is a SHE. Long story) She just likes to lay back and watch the action, rather than participate but she will interject if they get out of hand or something threatens them. She is fiercely loyal and protective. Her little fur brothers are known to annoy her from time to time...Okay, all the time. But she loves them to pieces.

So that's it. Those are my 3 crazy trouble-makers. It was great to introduce them to you guys. If you have pets, I would love to hear about them. Feel free to comment!

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  1. beautiful dogs! they make the BEST reading ocmpanions, untill your Maltipoo decides she wants to play and steals your bookmark..

  2. Awwww they are so adorable!!!

    I love dogs, but admit, I have got 4 cats, yes 4!

    I love them to bits,
    Tasha is 9 and really dopey, she will hug anyone who picks her up and is always ready with a purr.
    Max is 8, he is like a grumpy old man, loves his sleep and gets annoyed easily with the other cats, but loves Tasha to bits. (they are aunt and nephew)
    Henry aka Henny Ben, aka Boo is 3, he is my biggest and fluffiest cat and is a real softy, but likes his independence.
    Christmas aka Chrissy is about 7 months old, so lively, she loves to play. And really likes chasing Tasha around the house, much to the other cats annoyance. But I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

    Tasha and Max are great reading buddies too, whenever i sit down with my book they come over and curl up on my lap.

    Give your dogs a loving pat from me, so cute :D

  3. I have two dogs, Taz and Otto. Taz is 12 and Otto is 2. They are uncle and nephew (we didn't even know that until we were talking about Otto's history with the breeder, lol). Otto is usually hyper and loves to play all the time (not to mention he is REALLY fast!) while Taz is quiet and usually snoozing somewhere (he keeps Otto in line though). We adopted Taz when he was 7 (I think) and we got Otto as a puppy :o)

  4. Love the pets! It'd be so cool to have a Schnoodle. I love poodle crosses. I have a Bassador - a basset hound/labrador mix. He's the sweet dog in the world but dumb as a post. :-)


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