Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hoppin'/Follow Friday

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer over at Crazy For Books

Question of the Week: "Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?"

My blog has already had 2 differen't names. The name I have now, I love it! When I first started my blog it was 'Cathy's Corner'. Then I changed it to 'The Blah-Blah-Blog' and then I finally changed it to 'The Crazy Bookworm' which fits me perfectly!

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Question of the Week: Share your current fav television show! Tell us a bit about it...

I have a lot of faves. But if I have to chose just one to share about, then I'll pick....Being Human. Amazing show. A ghost, a werewolf and a vampire. Can it get any better?!? Here is a little taste:

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to leave your blog links so I can hop back!
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  1. I saw the first ep of the US Being Human the other day! I'm a huge fan of the UK version! :D

    Check out my FF!

  2. Following you from Feature & Follow.
    Being Human, hmmmm, that's a new title for me --- I don't watch ScyFi much. Does sound interesting!

  3. I'm not familiar with this show but it sounds interesting ;) Anyway, an old follower stopping by. Happy Friday!

    Here's my FF

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower! I *think* I found you through Book Blogs!

  5. Ahh even though there's only been a few ep's, I'm loving this show! Especially Josh, he just makes me giggle :P

    Have a great weekend!
    My FF

  6. I have wanted to see Being Human since I seen the preview, definitely my type of show.

    Follow Friday and Blog Hops

  7. I will definitely have to check out Being Human! Sounds like a good show. :)

    Happy Friday!

  8. I love the "Crazy Bookworm" title! :) And I've been enjoying watching "Being Human" as well! :) My interest is kind of waning because I think I wanted more humor & less actual killing/death, but it is a fun show. Happy hopping!

  9. Ooooh Crazy Bookworm is definitely a keeper. :D I've heard about Being Human but mostly the British version since I keep up more with British TV shows than American. :D

  10. here's mine

  11. just hopping by and I wanted to drop this off for you personally

  12. hopping by! new follower!! Hope you check out my blog as well! =]

    i love pretty little liars!

  13. Hopping through. Crazy Bookworm is a cool name altho I like Blah Blah too.
    My Hop

  14. I watched the first 2 episodes of the US Being Human, but I'm such a huge fan of the UK original that I just decided to stick with that one! Great pick! Have a great weekend!

  15. I like your name!! :D And I was intrigued by Being Human when I started seeing the promos but haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

    Old follower :)
    Jess @ Gone with the Words


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