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Finding Jack by Gareth Crocker

Genre: Fiction

Published: Feb 15th, 2011

Publisher: St. Martins Press

Source: From publisher

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My Rating:

After losing his wife and young daughter in a plane crash, US journalist Fletcher Carson joins the flagging war effort in Vietnam where he plans to die. However, during one of his early missions he rescues a critically wounded Labrador and helps nurse him back to health. Fletcher names the dog Jack and, as the bond deepens between them, he slowly begins to regain his will to live. A ceasefire is then signed, effectively bringing an end to the war. As the soldiers celebrate the announcement, it is soon followed by bad news. The American Government declares that, due to the cost of the withdrawal, all US dogs serving in the war have been labelled as 'surplus military equipment' and will be left behind. For Fletcher, he knows that if he abandons Jack, then he too will be lost. His decision makes for a most dramatic and moving novel.

"Hope can exist in the darkest of places"-Fletcher Carson

When I first read the premise for Finding Jack I knew I was going to like it but what I didn't know was how much I would end up loving it! Finding Jack is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. Gareth Crocker brought forward a story that very few know. Thousands of military dogs helped save the lives of soldiers but when the war ended they weren't allowed to go back with the fellow soldiers they risked their lives to protect. The author takes you on an emotional ride through the ugliness of the Vietnam war and through the beauty of Jack and Fletcher's bond. As I was reading this book with my black lab curled up beside me it was very easy to imagine Fletcher's determination to do whatever it was he had to do in order to keep him and Jack together. Finding Jack is a bittersweet story. The bitterness coming from the war and the sweetness coming from the comradery between the soldiers and the unbreakable bond between Jack and Fletcher.

This is a book that everyone should read. Everyone should know this story. It gives us just a glimpse at not only what the Soldiers did for their country but what the War dogs did for their soldiers. Finding Jack moved me to tears throughout the novel. Gareth Crocker created such vivid and powerful characters that they come to life while your reading it. You are no longer reading words off a page, your are watching their story. I will never forget this book. I thank the author for bringing forward a story that everyone should know. I will always cherish Jack's story and I will keep all the war dogs in my heart.

I highly recommend this book. You truly will be missing out if you don't read it. Finding Jack is a rare gem!

What I loved: The writing style. The flow of the story. The entire book!
What I disliked: Absolutly nothing.

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  1. I was brought to tears just reading your review. I'm going to purchase this book right now!

  2. Wow! that sounds like a great read. I'm going to have to check that one out.

  3. This looks like a must read. There is a current program where you can donate money to help soldiers bring dogs back from Iraq and Afghanistan. I firmly believe that animals and dogs in particular help with the healing. I think the program is run by the ASPCA. Great review.


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