Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Raven's Gift by Don Rearden

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Penguin Canada

Published: Jan 25 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0143173335

Source: Review copy from author

My Rating

John Morgan and his wife can barely contain their excitement upon arriving as new teachers in a Yupik village on the windswept Alaskan tundra. Lured north in search of adventure, the idealistic couple hope to immerse themselves in the ancient Arctic culture. Their move proves disastrous when a deadly epidemic strikes and the isolated community descends into total chaos. When outside help fails to arrive, John’s only hope lies in escaping the snow- covered tundra and the hunger of the other survivors. His thousand-mile trek across the Alaskan wilderness grows more improbable when he encounters a blind Eskimo girl and an elderly woman. The two need his protection from those who would harm them, and he needs their knowledge of the terrain and their companionship to survive. The harsh journey and constant danger push him beyond his limits as he discovers a new sense of hope and the possibility of loving again.

I finished this book a few weeks ago and I'm still a little unsure how I feel about it. Once I finish reading the last page I wasn't really feeling anything. I was in between a couple different genres while reading this book so it might have affected my overall feeling of The Raven's Gift. There were elements of this book I really enjoyed. The characters. If it wasn't for the cast of characters I probably would have stopped reading it, but the characters kept my attention. The plot is heartbreaking and horrific and takes you to a world that you don't want to be in. I never read a book with a plot line like The Raven's Gift, so that was refreshing and it was very well written. There were parts that kept me sitting on the edge of my seat, flipping through the pages, and then there were parts that just weren't doing it for me. I have mixed feelings about this book, the parts that I enjoyed, I really loved. I can't say that I disliked this book but I didn't love it. I do think people will enjoy this book if you like this sort of genre/plot, but it just wasn't for me.

I loved: The character cast and the unique storyline. Very well written
I disliked: The pace. It was hard to keep my attention

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  1. Hmm, just enough to peak my interest. Thanks for sharing :-)



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