Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview with a Blogger- The Book Vixen

CB: How long have you been blogging?

TBV: Since August 2009, so about 16 months now.

CB: What inspired you to create a book blog?

TBV: wanted a way to reach out to fellow bookworms to talk about our love of reading. Also to get me to read more (it worked).

CB: I know this is an almost impossible question but if you had to pick 5 books to take with you on a deserted island, which books would you choose?

TBV: The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I plan to re-read this series sometime and what better time than being stuck on a deserted island, right? This is one of those series that has such much information, so much detail, that you're surely to miss a few things along the way because you're so anxious to find out what's going on.

CB: What is the best part of Book Blogging?

TBV: Meeting fellow book lovers. I love talking about books and no one in my "real life" is a reader. I have some of the best book conversations with book bloggers, either via email or on Twitter.

CB: What is the hardest part of Book Blogging?

TBV: For me, time management. I get sucked into the internet when I should be writing posts or reviews.

CB: What advice would you give to new book bloggers?

TBV: Set the foundation for your blog first then get yourself out there. Put your email on your Blogger profile and on your blog (preferable in more than one spot). I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to contact a blogger but couldn't because their email address was no where to be found. And get on Twitter! There is so much great book conversation going on on Twitter.

CB: What is one book you could re-read over and over?

TBV: Hmm, I'm not much for re-reading but I would probably say a book by Nicholas Sparks, maybe The Notebook.

CB: How many books do you have in your 'TBR' Pile?

TBV: 237. Eek!

CB:What is your favourite reading place?

TBV: The couch.

CB: Finish this sentence "I can't live without..."

TBV: Chocolate. Sad, but true.

CB: If you dislike a book do you force yourself to finish it or do you put it down?

TBV:Depending on the length of the book, I'll give it about 50-100 pages. If I'm not into it, I'm going to put it down. So many books, so little time and all that.

CB: Have you ever read a book that changed your opinion about something?

TBV:Yes, and it was recently in fact. I wasn't a reader of Urban Fantasy and then I read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I've added some other UF books to my TBR list to try out.

CB: What is your favourite movie that came from a book?

TBV: The Notebook. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were Allie and Noah. They will forever be Allie and Noah to me.

1. Booksmarks or Dog-ears?


2. Coffee or Tea?


3. Winter or Summer?

 Winter. You can always layer your clothing and snuggle under blankets to keep warm in the Winter. But in the Summer, you can be buck naked and still be hot.

4. E-readers: Yes or No?


5. What are you reading now?

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. My second book by this author. I really like her writing style.

*Thank you so much to The Book Vixen for taking the time to answer my questions!*

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  1. Great interview. I agree, it's great to get out there and "meet" so many people who share the love of reading.

  2. I have to agree. Twitter book talk is made of awesome. You will never read through all the recs though. But that's why we love it.
    Great interview ladies!

  3. SusiSunshine - Twitter is the reason for most of the books on my TBR list! So many great recommendations have come to me via Twitter :)

  4. This is great! Sometimes, I don't enjoy reading interviews, but this one was great! Perhaps because I love the subject so much. I'm definately a book lover!

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  5. Enjoyed the read.

    I don't twitter. Facebook is also pretty good. I'm new to blogging, but I've been turned on to many writers blogs from there.

  6. Hi, *waves*

    Oh, choco..I just had some so sadly I am just like you. Can't live without it

  7. Great interview and Hi Book Vixen! I so hear you on the getting sucked into the internet that you don't read and review as much as you'd like. I feel your pain on that one!

  8. Great interview TBV!!! And wow on wanting to bring the Fever series on the deserted island. I'm even more excited to keep reading that series now!


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