Monday, January 3, 2011

Holly Schindler stops by The Crazy Bookworm

Why 2011’s going to be the year of the vlog (at Holly Schindler’s Novel Anecdotes)…

When I sold my debut YA, A BLUE SO DARK, to Flux, in early 2009, I was nowhere online. No Facebook, no Twitter, no blog. I had been living a fairly low-tech life, actually. I’d drafted A BLUE SO DARK on a computer more than twenty years old (not kidding)…a computer that complete predated the Internet (didn’t even have a modem). I was a bit…leery of getting online. But I was anxious to promote my work, too. (And my excitement about my novel far outweighed any reservations I had about blogging.)

During the year and half my book was in development, and in the last few months after A BLUE SO DARK’s release (the book came out last May), blogging has been the absolute best thing I’ve done.

Let’s face it. Writing’s a solitary profession. In order to be productive at all, you have to turn off the phone. Not that the phone rings all that much, when you first decide to devote yourself to writing. People decide you’ve lost it—even people you thought were good friends.

When I started blogging, though, I found an instant community of people who were excited to hear of my release. Early followers to my blog cheered me on as I shared the goings-on while my book was in development. And once the book came out, and people got a sense of who I was as a writer, I was able to connect with my readers in a personal way.

…I really think writers are lucky to live in an era when interactivity with readers is so easy. Writers don’t perform in person…we don’t get immediate feedback…so to be reached via email or a social networking site, by a reader who tells me how moved they were by my work? That’s utterly priceless…

Because I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with blogging, I’m going to be amping up goings-on at my blog. And one way I’m going to do it is with increased vlog posts. Not only do I love hearing from my readers, but I love seeing them, too. I’ve posted several readings on YouTube, but in 2011, I’m going to be moving beyond straight readings in order to let readers in on my life, my surroundings, in more of a real-time way…

I’ve also just posted an extended trailer / virtual tour of the Springfield and Fair Grove, Missouri, which serve as the setting for A BLUE SO DARK and PLAYING HURT…It’s just one of the first. In 2011, I’m letting readers into my world here in Southwest Missouri…

So please do join in! Find me either at, or at I’d love to (literally!) see more of you all this year…


*A special thank you to Holly Schindler for stopping by The Crazy Bookworm!*
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  1. I really want to read both of Holly's books,I've heard amazing things about them!

  2. I had a blast putting this post together...thanks so much!


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