Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Wrap Up

I know Bloggiesta doesn't technically end till tomorrow at 8am, but I have completed most of my tasks and anything else will be improved through out time. I hope everyone had a productive weekend and completed some or most of the goals you guys had.

Here is what I did:

*Worked on Sidebars. Took away "This months must". All Movies and Books that I recommend can be found in the 'I recommend' widget on my left sidebar.
*Caught up on e-mails and review requests and also cleaned out my e-mail folders(What a task that was!)

*Updated 'About Me' on Blogger home. I decided not to add one to my page but that decision may change in the future...What do you think?

*Edited Review Policy. Changed genres I review, changed format preference and Review post date

*Updated 'Challenge' page. Added books to 'Read' list and removed old challenges

*Finished Archives..Yay!

*Backed up blog

*Still catching up on reading Caught up on my reading. Reviews to come this week.

*Poll widget added via

*Spreadsheet made to keep track of everything such as review copies

*Google Calender made to keep track of review copies, interviews and guest posts(A must have in my opinion)

*Created Privacy Policy. Located in pagelist on right sidebar.

*Organized upcoming 'Interview with a Blogger' interviews

*Contacted authors about guest posts

Mini Challenges

-Discussed blogging goals at - Amy from My Friend Amy (@myfriendamy)

-Took part in 'How do you organize your books' at Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelf (@jennsbookshelf)
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