Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Goals(Blog Edition)

We're getting very close to ringing in the New Year and I already have a list of things I hope to accomplish during 2011 BUT I also have a list of things I want to accomplish on my blog during 2011.

1. REVIEWS: I receive quite a few review copies from publishers and authors but I have absolutely no organization with them. No order. I would like to create some sort of system that keeps me up to date and on time with all my review copies. The review pile isn't getting any smaller, if I don't figure out some sort of order now, I am going to be a frazzled mess!

2. INTERVIEWS: I love doing author interviews and having them for guest posts but there is a new thing that I am currently working on where The Crazy Bookworm will start interviewing other Book Bloggers, too! I am wanting to offer something new and fresh on my blog for the New Year and I am hoping that this appeals to all my readers.

3. COMMENTS: During Blog Hop and Follow Friday I do a lot of hopping and commenting but other than that I don't comment that often. I read tons of blogs and posts throughout the week but I don't always comment and I want to start getting in the habit of being more 'blog social'.

4. RELAX: Blogging can be a time consuming hobby but sometimes I allow myself to get to stressed over my blog. I just need to relax *Inhale, Exhale*. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and most the time it is, but sometimes it feels like...dare I say it?...A job! I'll stress about the littlest things, reviews, interviews, you name it! Or sometimes I'll be in a reading funk and I'll stress about not having anything to post for a while. I am hoping that in the New Year when I start stressing I'll take a deep breath, put my laptop away for a bit and relax.

5. READ MORE: It's a book blog right? I started this blog to record and share my thoughts on books. But it seems I am blogging more than I am reading. I am hoping to read and review at least 4 books a month...Doesn't sound to bad does it? *Fingers Crossed*

So with a little organization and some breathing techniques I think it shouldn't be too difficult to stick with my blogging goals. What are your goals for the New Year?

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  1. Fantastic resolutions! Many of mine are the same, especially about commenting more. I know how you feel about sometimes being stressed about blogging, we need to learn when to take a break. I'm sure you'll accomplish them all :)

  2. Sounds like every book blogger's wish for the new year! I tend to comment only when I read something really interesting or a thought pops into my head, not just because I stopped by. But there's never any harm in just saying hi :)

  3. HOANG QUAN cung cap dich vu cho thue xe 7 cho uy tín nhat ha noi.


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