Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lake Of Dreams-Kim Edwards

Hardcover: 400 pages

Publisher: Viking Adult

Release Date: January 4, 2011

Source: From Publisher

My Rating

When Lucy Jarrett returns to her childhood home in Lake of Dreams, N.Y., she learns that her brother, Blake, who's gone into the family business, and his girlfriend hope to drain a controversial marsh to construct a high-end property. Meanwhile, Lucy, who remains haunted by her father's death in a fishing accident years earlier, reconnects with her first boyfriend, Keegan Fall, now a successful glass artist. But when she sees something familiar in the pattern of one of his pieces, and discovers a hidden note in her childhood home, Lucy finally digs into her family's mysterious past. Unfortunately, the lazy expository handling of information mutes the intrigue, and readers will see the reignited spark between Keegan and Lucy coming for miles. All loose ends eventually come together with formulaic ease to rock the family boat.(Goodreads)

"Could the past ever be just the past?"

Wow! This book is intense but in a fantastic way. Kim Edwards pulls you in and doesn't let you go. I immediately fell in love with her writing style. She was descriptive and detailed but it wasn't over done, it flowed nicely. This is my first book by Kim Edwards, but it won't be my last!

The characters were perfect, it was small cast which made it easy to build a connection with each character. The author created such riveting and interesting characters they made it much harder to put the book down. The storyline was great, it was loaded with so much, but for me it was the characters that kept me flipping through the pages. I can't forget to mention the cover art, it's gorgeous. I love the dark blues, the black forest and the faint sight of pink peeking behind the trees. It adds to the mystery that is inside the book.

The Lake of Dreams was such a gripping and unique book. It was a great reading experience. One of those fly through the pages-can't put down-kind of reads. The book is packed with greatness: Unique characters, a page turning storyline and the flow of writing that makes the words jump off the pages...What's not to love? A definite must read!

Lake of Dreams: on sale January 4, 2011,,,9780670022175,00.html?THE_LAKE_OF_DREAMS_Kim_Edwards
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  1. Thanks for the review. I've read so many so, so books the past few months that it's good to hear of a page turner.

  2. I read My Daughter's Keeper and liked it. And this one also sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review.

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  3. I read My Daughter's Keeper, and it was a good book, but not great, in my opinion. I wouldn't mind reading another by Kim Edwards though. Great review.

  4. HOANG QUAN cung cap dich vu cho thue xe 7 cho uy tín nhat ha noi.


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