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This is my first time participating in Bloggiesta, but it is coming at a perfect time! I have a huge to-do list made up for my blog and Bloggiesta is the perfect time to get it done!!

If your a blogger then this is a perfect time to get caught up on everything you've been wanting to do to that blog of yours. Re-vamping, re-doing, un-doing..Whatever the case!

Hosted by Maw Books

What to do during Bloggiesta:

•Write reviews.

•Write backup posts for a rainy day.

•Write that great post idea from three months back.

•Work on series posts.

•Write guest posts.

•Put out invitations for guest posts.

•Conduct and edit author interviews.

•Create template posts for your future reads (ie: title, images, linking, tags, etc,) so you can open up, write review and post without being bogged down with technicalities

•Clean up your tags, archives, books reviewed list, etc.

•Create a text file (or Google Doc) of cheat sheets (html codes, post url’s, etc)

•Improve your blog template, clean up sidebars, add a favicon, install those plugins that you’ve been meaning to do.

•Add or edit your about me page, review policy, disclosure policy, privacy policy, create landing pages (for example – an about me for Twitter readers page) or any other pages you might have.

•Any bloggy type housekeeping that you’ve been neglecting.

•Clean up and update your challenge lists. Link up your posts with hosts.

•Make sure all of your social network profiles are up to date. Be consistent in those profiles with color scheme, images, etc.

•Go get a gravatar.

•Visit the Blogging Tips group on the Book Blogs Ning and find ways to improve your blog.

•Work on any specialized projects that you may have going.

•Clean out and organize your feed reader and blog subscriptions.

•Create an elevator pitch.

•Make business cards.

•Find a blogging buddy.

•Analyze and re-evaulate your blog.

•Back up your blog.

•Learn more about blogging, read great articles, get inspired.

•Make sure you have properly copyrighted your blog and know what to do when somebody reposts your material.

•Brainstorm blogging topics.

•Manage your feedreader.

•Help other bloggers, answer questions, share your expertise (let’s face it – this is the best part of Bloggiesta!)

•The sky’s the limit!

How to play:

1.The date is Friday, January 21st Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd. You can really start whenever you want within that time but official hours are 8am to 8am (wherever you are). That is a total of 76 hours, the hours spent on the challenge do NOT need to be in a row. Use the entire 76 hour time frame and see what you can do with it.

2.It’s your call as to how much you want to put into it. But you have to put something into it or it’s not a challenge. So stay up all night or sleep and take care of kids when you need to.

3.When you start the challenge, come to this blog and to the “starting line” post and link to your specific post about beginning the challenge which is posted on your blog. That way I’ll be able to track participants and know who’s really at the party.

4.How many updates (if any) you want to do is up to you. Make it work for you. Personally, I like making a to do list and then crossing off items as I accomplish them. There will be bloggers hosting mini-challenges as well. These are great to learn new information. To get an idea of the mini-challenges last time, check out the list.

5.If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #bloggiesta to join the chatter.

6.Your final summary post needs to be posted no later than end of the day Monday, January 24th. Come back to the finish line and link to your specific summary post (again- can be that same post you’ve been updating). Your summary should include the number of hours spent on the challenge, what you accomplished, links to mini-challenge hosts if you completed them and any other experiences you’d like to add.

7.Sign the Mr. Linky now if you intend to join the fiest so I have an idea of how many people are participating. Subscribe to this blog, so you’ll be notified of future bloggiesta posts.

Have fun!!

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  1. That's a lot to be getting on with in only 72 hours!

    Great idea, good luck with it.

    I could go missing for the whole weekend with that list, but fear the kids and house would not allow :)

    enjoy ur weekend


  2. This is a great idea. I have a question though - what is a gravatar?


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