Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Alaskan Author Imagines the First Interview about His Debut Novel The Raven’s Gift.

Don Rearden, author of THE RAVEN'S GIFT stopped by The Crazy Bookworm today to guest post. Enjoy!

An Alaskan Author Imagines the First Interview about His Debut Novel The Raven’s Gift

Interviewer: Once I read about The Raven’s Gift I just couldn’t wait to interview you.

Author: Thanks. I appreciate the interest and excitement surrounding my novel.

Interviewer: Let’s get down to business then, shall we?

Author: Sure.

Interviewer: So what do you think about Sarah Palin?

Author: Well, actually I try not to think of her. Believe it or not, Alaskans are not quite as enamored with her as the rest of the country seems to be. She quit as our governor after only two years. I wouldn’t mind that if she was actually trying to help the people of our state and not just fatten her bank account.

Interviewer: Why do you try not to think of her? That statement suggests you do.

Author: Listen, I write about rural Alaska. I grew up on the tundra of southwestern Alaska. I’m concerned about the poverty, the violence, and the disease in our Alaska. I can’t waste my time or my energy wondering what word Palin might invent this week or what she’s Tweeting. I feel like she’s running for class freshman class president.

Interviewer: So you do think about her! Have you seen Sarah’s Alaska?

Author: Are you talking about the show, or our state? Let me tell you, Sarah’s Alaska isn’t the real Alaska. Real Alaskans don’t wear designer clothes and gallivant around the country in first class acting folksy and getting paid 100K speaking fees. Let me tell you what else you won’t see on Sarah’s Alaska. You won’t see her dumping a honey-bucket. You won’t see her talking about climate change and standing on the edge of an eroding ocean embankment with her house hanging over the edge. You won’t see Sarah attending the funeral of a victim of the suicide epidemic in Alaska. Instead you’ll see her romping around our state pretending that she didn’t quit as our governor, that everyone loves her, and that everyone can afford to fly in floatplanes and go on incredible adventures every day.

Interviewer: Dude, you’re depressing. Don’t go all rogue on me! What is a honey-bucket anyways?

Author: Did you even read The Raven’s Gift?

Interviewer: Does it say what a honey-bucket is?

Author: Are you going to ask me anything about my book or my writing? I’m really trying here to bring to the world an Alaska that many haven’t encountered. My book is a love story and a survival story, a story of culture and crisis, but it’s also more than that I hope. I want others to care about what is happening in Alaska as much as I do.

Interviewer: Is Sarah in your book?

Author: No.

Interviewer: Well that’s just too bad. I guess we’re done then!

Official Website: http://www.donrearden.com

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