Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Questions with The Crazy Bookworm

 Here I am! I'm Cathy aka The Crazy Bookworm. I am trying a new thing where you guys can ask me anything, it doesn't have to be book related and every time I reach 5 questions I will answer them in a post. So, let's get it started!

1. "If you read a book that you strongly disliked, but agreed to review it not by the publisher but the author, are you completely honest in your review or do you fudge a little to save the authors feelings?"

Answer: I try to go by the 'Not for Me' saying. I try to be fair. I don't like when I come across reviews and it just says "Hated it!" or "Don't waste your time!". I like to give reasons why I disliked the book and why it 'wasn't for me'. For example, Writing style, plot, characters etc.  Just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't. Of course I don't like to hurt the authors feelings so I will always try to find something positive to say about the book but sometimes you just can't. I am always 100% honest in my reviews weather good or bad but I try to remain fair and respectful. I hope that answers your questions :-)

2. "Do you like to listen to music while you read or write? If so, do you have a play list you could share?

Answer: I LOVE listening to music while doing both. I listen to pretty much everything but if I'm reading a young adult book or a romance I like listening to a lot of Taylor Swift and OneRepublic. If I'm reading a darker book than the Twilight soundtracks come in handy :-). Write now I am participating in Nanowrimo and my story is a dark romance. It takes place right in the middle of the world being taken over by a virus that turns people into cannibalistic monsters. So I like listening to The Deftones, A fine frenzy(Ashes and Wine is my fave!) or Within Temptation.

3. "What is your all time favourite movie?"

Answer: I am a movie fanatic! I own probably around 2,000. It is nearly impossible for me to pick just one favourite BUT I do have one. The Goonies. That has been my favourite movie ever since I was a child. I would watch it over and over again. I recently just won the 25th Anniversary blu ray edition from a MTV News contest and I literally jumped up and down and squealed like a 13 year old at a backstreet boys concert.

4. "What country do you live in?"

Answer: Canada! I am a Canadian girl! I love being Canadian but I could do without the COLD winter. I love the snow but I hate the cold. 

This is my ring tone :)

5. "Cats or Dogs?"

Answer: I am a lover of all animals but as pets I am a dog person. I am the mommy to 3 crazy pooches. And I run my own Pet Spa business out of my home.

Bentley is the little gray one. He loves Christmas time because his favourite spot to sleep is under the tree as you can see. The Black lab is Rocco and his favourite spot is that green chair. I've tried getting rid of it but he looked to sad so I gave in and now it's only used by him. And finally there is Webster, She...that's right she is a dog named Webster lol. She loves laying in the sun.

Bonus Question: "What book did you read this year that made you the happiest, and why? You can define happiest any way you want."

Answer: I know I said 5 questions but I loved this question and didn't want to wait till next post to answer it. The book that made me happiest this year was...Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. I know Revolution isn't a happy book but when I was done reading it I was left in awe. It is so powerful and hauntingly beautiful. I was happy that I came across a book like that and got a chance to read it. I was happy with the impact it left on me. I never knew much about the French Revolution and I was happy for this book educating me and sparking an interest into that genre. I continue to read up on the Revolution and the people involved. I hope that answered your question :-)

*Thanks to everyone who submitted those great questions! I look forward to the next five. I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to submit a questions you can click HERE or on the question mark button on my right sidebar. You can ask anything, it doesn't have to be book or blog related. You will be anonymous. I had a blast answering these questions. Thank you!*
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  1. Just like you I love all animals; and, just like you I am a DOG lover!

    Followed you here from your Book Blogs forum post..:-)

  2. Wow, I didn't know you were Canadian. So am I! I have been a follower for a while. In fact, your blog button is on my blog as a link to my favourtie blogs. Great to know other Canadian book lovers.


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