Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall In Canada!

My favourite season has arrived! Time for...

 Hot Chocolate


 Crunchy Leaves

And Bonfires!

What is your favourite season? and what do you love about it?
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  1. I can't say Fall is my favourite season, but I do love seeing vibrant reds and oranges on the leaves. I prefer Spring, because the temperature is just getting warmer and it means summer and school will be over soon! ^.~

  2. Fall is my FAVORITE! It contains: my birthday, college football, pumpkin spice lattes, pretty leaves, chilly air, cardigans and cuddling!

  3. You forgot the arrival of pumpkin-themed drinks and baked goods! That's one of my favorite parts of fall... and the leaves changing, sweater weather (before it gets too cold), the 'new starts' to programs, TV shows start up again... ah yes, fall (especially in Canada) is wonderful.

  4. Found you on the book blog hop! Fall is my favorite time of year for many of the same reasons. Though we'll have to pass on the fires this year, I do so hate getting arrested..


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