Friday, September 3, 2010

Author Guest post: Sandra Edwards

I am thrilled to introduce to you author Sandra Edwards. First, let me say thanks to Cathy for allowing me the opportunity to do a guest spot on her blog. I wasn’t sure what to chat about, but since I’m getting ready to release a new book in mid-September, I thought I might say a word or two or three about that. The book is titled BROKEN WINGS and it’s the second book I penned(many years ago), but the first one I plotted out entirely in my mind back when I was in college. Before I get into all that, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a wife and a mother to two teenage girls and I breed Mini Dachshunds. I’ve been “writing” since my early teens, and frequently entertained my friends with short stories back in my high school days. I wasn’t really interested in writing romance back then. I was more into science fiction and mystery. In fact, I was dead-set against writing romance—until I got to college and took a creative writing course. I can still recall walking into that classroom, like it was yesterday. Believe me, it wasn’t. It just sometimes feels that way. Inside the classroom, each desk had a single piece of paper on it. Each paper had four blank lines. And the lines were numbered. When the professor entered the classroom—and the funny thing is, I can’t remember his name (yes, it was that long ago)—after inquiring briefly about who in the class had tried a hand at writing, he instructed us to write our favorite to least favorite genres on the paper. Our favorite would be first and our least favorite would be fourth. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? Back then, it wasn’t like it was the ice ages or anything, but there was no “paranormal” genre classification. My listings were as follows: (1) Science Fiction (2) Mystery (3) Adventure (4) Romance. I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to you what happened next; although, it was quite a surprise to me and about thirty other classmates. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy to learn that I had to develop and turn in a proposal for novel at the end of the semester to receive a grade. And here’s where it turns interesting—it wasn’t interesting back then, but I’ve had time to adjust. To make a long story short, my book proposal had to be forty percent romance, thirty percent adventure and fifteen percent for both mystery and science fiction. When I turned my proposal in at the end of the semester, my professor gave me an “A” even though he said I “cheated”. Apparently, I gave the elements equal billing, according to him. But, he liked the story idea so much that he gave me an “A” and told me to write that book. Well, it’d be a few years—okay, a lot of years—before I’d write that book. My college professor started something back then that I haven’t been able to stop, even to this day. I can’t write a book without turning it into a romance, at least on some level. That college project eventually became the book BROKEN WINGS, which will be releasing on Kindle and at Smashwords in mid-September and in print in October. If you’re interested in knowing the basis of the story that I love so dearly now, even though it caused me a great deal of grief back in college, here’s the set-up. Rio Laraquette thought the legend was nothing more than an enchanted tale about starcrossed lovers who left behind a fortune. That is, until she figures out that she—in a past life— was the culprit who stole a shipment of gold and silver and buried it somewhere in the hills of northern Nevada. While searching for the treasure, Rio's heart begins to ache for a man who's been dead more than one hundred years. They say time heals all wounds, but what if it doesn't.... Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed my story about how I became a “romance” writer! -- Sandy Get Sandra's books at Amazon Crazy for you Incredible Dreams Sandra's Book's at Smashwords Crazy For you Incredible Dreams Sandra Edward's Official Website I would like to thank Sandra Edward's for taking the time to write such a great guest blog!
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  1. Sandy, that's amazing! I'm the same way, by the way...every story goes into a romance, and I can't stop it, either. But romance sells...don't forget that!

  2. Sandy, I love the story of your college project. I've read all your books and love them. I can't wait to read Broken Wings. It's just the type story I like.

    Cara Marsi


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