Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Scary? You be the Judge

I was wondering when they were finally going to come out with the sequel. The movie Paranormal Activity was a low-budget film that was made in 2009. The Movie aired in small cities across the states and was immediatly demanded to go international. Needless to say the movie made a killing and scared the pants of people, So of course why not make a sequel? now that they have a bigger budget and a guarunteed audience. I enjoyed the first one, It gave me the cheap thrill I was looking for and left me wide awake all night long. Now there are already people talking about how scary this sequel is going to be, they are claiming the Trailer to be "Too scary for T.V" so here it is, What do you think? Did you enjoy the first one and would you go see the sequel? Paranormal Activity Review
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  1. I found your blog from Book Blogs. I liked Paranormal Activity. I'll more than likely watch the sequel. I don't think that ad is too scary for TV, but it's probably bothersome for people that there's a baby in that ad.

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  2. I never saw the first and I will more than likely avoid the 2nd because I don't need to see the scary spin on things I see everyday.

  3. I didn't find Paranormal Activity scary.The 2nd one looks like it would scare me though because I was am more scared when movies involve children.

  4. I thought I missed something. How is that too scary compared to alot of the stuff they show? I'm totally jaded when it comes to horror movies so the first one didn't scare me.


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