Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hopping Time!

Book Blogger Hop Time for another Book Blogger Hop! Blog hop is hosted by the lovely Crazy-for-books, Click link to sign up(take a look at the rules, some changes have been made) Question of the week: Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year? My favourite new to me author this year is Sarah Dessen, I finally got around to reading one of her books and I loved it! Can't wait to read more! If your hopping by leave me a comment with your blog link, I'll hop on over to yours!
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  1. Hi-stopping from the book blogger hop and I am now one of your new followers

    The Reading Life-Mel u

  2. Just stopping by for the hop!!!! Hope you are having a good week!!!

    Feel free to stop by my place Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!

  3. I haven't read her books but have heard good things.

    My answer for the hop.

  4. Oh, Sara Dessen's books are quite awesome!
    I think I love most of them (didn't love Along for the Ride, that was a mere like).

    I think my favorite is probably The Truth About Forever, I have very vivid memories of the first time I read it - that one and Keeping the Moon for some reason - :)

    Happy Book Blog Hop


  5. Sarah is a great author!! Have a hoppy weekend!

  6. Hey!

    Stopping by through The Hop.

    I had Sarah Dessen down as the author I discover this year too! I really love her books now and am glad I picked them up.

    I'm a follower :)

    Also if you have the time take a look at my blog:


  7. Yay! Sarah Dessen books are just so great! I'm still waiting for Along for the Ride to come out in paperback to match the rest of the novels I own by her though. I didn't immediately get into her books too but after I borrowed one from the library last year and really liked it, I ended up buying 4 of her books the next time I was at the bookstore, lol.

    I'm a follower. ^.~

  8. Oooh I loved The Truth About Forever. Dessen is a good one. I'm just hopping by. I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I LOVE Sarah Dessen! A couple years ago, I spent the summer reading through all of her (many) books =) Which one did you read? I'm a big fan of This Lullaby, Just Listen, and The Truth About Forever. Highly recommend them!

    I found you via the Hop! I look forward to following your adventures in Sarahland!

    The Bookish Type

  10. Oh my god! We have the same favorite new-to-me author! :D I've become a new follower!
    Here's the link to my blog:

  11. This is my first time in a blog hop. I'm pretty new to this and though I would hop on over. I really like your blog. Haven't read Sarah Dessen, but looks like she be be added to my to be read list.

    Please visit my blog here Thank you

  12. Hi I am a new follower and stopping by for the hop. You can visit my blog here:

    And thanks for sending me a welcome message at Book Blogs.

  13. Wow I love that picture of Marilyn Monroe in the
    header and the quote! I am stopping
    by from the hop I didn't realize you guys were
    on Book blogs ,too .Awesome

  14. Hi! I haven't read Sarah Dessen yet but plan to soon. I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Hey! Great blog. I am your follower now.
    I am a new blogger.Please stop by if you can!

  16. I haven't heard of Sarah Dessen before. I love finding so many new authors to look into.

  17. Hi, I'm just stopping by from the hop and I'm a new follower! I haven't read anything by Sarah Dessen yet, but I plan to soon. :)
    Have a fantastic weekend and stop by my blog if you have time!


  18. Found you through the Blog Hop!! New Follower :)

    I am currently listening to my first Sarah Dessen book (on audiobook) - so far so good. I'm excited to read more of her books.

  19. Hi There!

    I'm hopping by from the book blog hop!

    I love Sarah Dessen! I still haven't read The Truth About Forever! Hopefully i will soon! :)

    I'm a new follower!

    Happy Blogging!


  20. I found you through the hop and I'm enjoying your blog so far. I love the swirly design on the side too!

    Ashley at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing

  21. Hopping by. We have the same blogger background. You are the first blogger I have run into with the same background. I hope you can stop by and visit my blog sometime.


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