Friday, July 30, 2010

Descending By Catherine Chisnall

Paperback: 128 pages Publisher: Night Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1453698112 Get your Copy Here: About The Book: Emily is an ordinary but lonely 30 year old teaching assistant at a Further Education College. On January 20th, ending another typical day at work she finds herself in an uncomfortable position when she gets stuck in the school lift with 17 year old, unpredictable rebel Jamie Norton. As things could not get any worse the lift start acting up and risks the lives of Jamie and Emily, as an act of desperation, They Kiss. What was supposed to be a one time act of passion ended to be more than Emily expected. Emily's once ordinary life is now interrupted with unexpected feelings and she is left starring down a road that she never saw coming. My Thoughts: This is one of those books that are a quick but enjoyable read. Emily is a character a lot of women could probably relate too, Although most women would not resort to the things she did, she was just a woman that wanted to break out of her shell a little bit. The book brought out some anger in me, the way Emily was treated by some of the students were horrible. I couldn't help feeling sorry for Emily and Jamie, they were both in different stages of life but had more in common than either of them thought, they were both at a stand still in life, in a way they needed one another. The book did a great job rising some emotion out of me. I ended up surprising myself, in the end I was rooting for Jamie and Emily, I wanted them to be together. Descending has a little bit of everything, drama, romance and quick witted humour. This is a perfect summertime book. It may be a quick read but it is an edgy one, it will definitely leave you satisfied. A few words from The author of Descending, Catherine Chisnall: 1.What Inspired you to write Descending? I worked in secondary and further education for ten years so I am always interested in related news stories. There was a notorious case a few years ago about a female teacher having a sexual relationship with an underage boy. I watched a documentary about it, wondering what sort of person she was. She turned out to be lonely, insecure, misguided, possibly depressed. I also wondered about the boy- what had he said to her? How had he acted? It's an occupational hazard for female staff to be propositioned by teenage boys, and they can be very persistent. There are many stories about teachers having relationships with students, but what about teaching assistants? They are more likely to cross the boundary with students as they sit amongst them and it's their job to develop sympathetic relationships with them, so some are bound to go astray. Teachers are removed, in control at the front of the class. Obviously that teacher was wrong to have sex with an underage boy, but I wondered about the grey area. If a boy was at college and over the legal age of consent but under 18, what then? What if the teaching assistant was single? If she was lonely, vulnerable, open to suggestion? I wanted to get people to think and debate- is the relationship wrong or not? Who exactly is abusing who? To my delight I've had a different reaction from every reader! 2. Was writing something you always wanted to do? Yes, but I put it off, thinking it would never be a 'proper' career'. Now I'm over 40, I can't put it off any longer. I want to do something for me, not simply look after other people. 3.What advice would you give to aspiring writers? I have written an article on how I personally got published, at (under CatherineC). Aspiring writers could take a look at that, it summarises my advice. 4. Are you working on anything else that your readers can look forward to? Yes, I am. I have already written the sequel to Descending, due to quite a few readers asking for it. I am waiting to see if my publisher wants to publish the sequel. A Special Thanks to Catherine Chisnall for answering my questions!
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  2. This looks like a good one! I'll have to check it out!

  3. Nicely done Crazy Bookworm, great looking site and if the standard of blog is this good for all you are sure to have a winning formula here!

  4. Great review of an excellent book. :)

  5. Thanks for adding in the little interview - it's always great to get behind the thoughts! Great site you have here! And BlogFrog looks cool, too.

  6. Terrific work Catherine, I knew you would get it right.
    Love the frog and the overall colour scheme :=)

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  9. Wow, what an interesting book this sounds like! I always had a certain fascination with those teacher/student affairs, I couldn't tell you why. I may have to go pick this up!


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