Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks-Book Review

Is it possible for 2 people to fall in love with each other all over again? The Wedding surrounds the Lewis Famiy, More Specifically Jane and Wilson, Who have been married for 29 years. But during a busy streak with work, Wilson makes the terrible mistake of forgetting their 29th Anniversary. Jane, upset and sad, starts pulling away, Leaving wilson to realize that he is losing her, or that he already has lost her. Desperate to save his marriage, Wilson begins on the long road of trying to have his wife fall in love with him all over again. The Wedding is the "Sequel" to The Notebook, Although someone can still read it and enjoy it having never read the Notebook. It is more based on Noah and Allies Children, Especially their oldest Daughter Jane. But Noah still plays a big part in this book, It was great to get to know more about him, and to learn more about Him and Allies relationship beyond "The Notebook". Like All Nicholas Sparks' books, You will probably cry, so keep the tissue close by, Which should not be a surprise. This book contains everything we love about Nicholas Sparks, Love, Miracles, Small Town Life and Self Growth. The Wedding is a great summertime read. A quick but lovely story
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  1. I think if I would have actually read the Notebook first, I would have known his style towards this book and probably wouldn't have felt it moved so slow. Lol But I did love it! Thanks for the link to your review.

  2. I loved The Notebook. What's better than The Notebook? The Wedding. Most sequels don't seem to get the same quality, but it's opposite here: The Wedding is, at least for me, much better than The Notebook. And your style of writing this review... wow, you must have some talent! Anyway, I will try to re-read this book next week when I have some time, I got it autographed in Miami.


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