Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simon Cowell..Grr!

OK, I've tried very hard not to blog about this. I watch American Idol every week, I am a fan. But I never wanted to be a person that blogs about it every week. Well I had to vent and get this out. Last Week the Idol theme was McCartney/Lennon Songs. Aaron Kelly, Who is 16 years old(and Adorable) sang "The long and Winding Road" the vocals were good, but the song was a little sleepy. Anyways..I like Simon, I respect his work and his success and his brutal honesty, but sometimes he is just an immature man, he says things sometimes that isn't constructive criticism, it's just down right mean and I think to myself "Do you really feel like a man when you put down a 16-17 year old kid, does that make you feel like you've done your job?)Anyways my point being back to Aaron Kelly, You can watch the full performance down below but specifically at about 5:40 in, Aaron is answering a question that Simon asked, and while this poor, shy 16 year old guy is trying to answer, Simon Rolls his eyes and makes this sour face. You can tell that Aaron noticed because it almost throws him off but he does continue to answer the question(Respectfully)If that were me and i caught Simon making that face at me, I would stop talking and I would call him out on it, I would ask him what the look was for and then i would apologize that not even my answers are good enough for him. I was so livid when i saw Simon make that stupid face. Don't ask the question if your not going to listen and give Aaron the respect he deserves. You were an Asshole Simon for doing that, and I know that you probably don't care at all that people say that about you, but if you have any respect for your fans and for people out there, Grow up a little. For once get your head of your ass.
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