Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At First Sight Book Review

At First Sight is the Sequel to Nicholas Sparks' book True Believer After meeting Lexie Darnell a short time ago in Boone Creek, Jeremy Marsh finds himself packing up his life in New York and moving to the small town in North Carolina to be with Lexie, who is now his fiance and carrying his miracle baby. When Lexie and Jeremy should be happy and enjoying their life together, the opposite is happening. A writers block is causing Jeremy to be frustrated, and mysterious e-mails questioning his decision to be with Lexie leave him on edge. Except the worst is yet to come, leaving jeremy questioning his faith and love. I found this book very touching and emotional, which isn't a surprise when it comes to any of Nicholas Sparks' books. After about halfway through, the book headed into a direction i was not expecting. I found At First Sight to be a bittersweet book, Although it is filled with Betrayal and Tragedy, It is also filled with Healing, Love, and Self Growth. Nicholas Sparks is known for his tear-jerkers so like any other of his books, make sure the kleenex is nearby because they will be needed. I also thought that Sparks did a great job writing about what couples really go through during marriage and pregnancy, it wasn't sugar coated. I found it very real, and I'm sure some woman or men could relate. Overall i find this book another great one by Nicholas Sparks. I would even like a third installment of these books. I would recommed this book to any sparks fan, True Believer and At First sight were very enjoyable reads.
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