Friday, April 23, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife Review

Author: Audry Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife was such a magical and captivating love story. Although a little hard to get into in the beginning, It makes up for it throughout the rest of the book. The book started off slow, Drawing in the reader. Halfway through the book when it started to get more intense, Henry started travelling more and more and i had to really pay attention to the dates so i didn't find myself getting lost. The love that Clare and Henry have for each other is so powerful, the energy is spilling out of the book. I found the ending of this book a little unfinished, It left me wanting so much more, but i loved it even so. Overall this was a powerful, lovely book. And I would recommend it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

80's Movie Week

Themed Movie Nights are always a great time, Good Snacks and the right movie choices can make for a memorable night. This week is 80's week for me, Every night this week I will watch one movie from the 80's. Here are my Top Favourite 80's movies. Have yourself an 80's week or Night and Enjoy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simon Cowell..Grr!

OK, I've tried very hard not to blog about this. I watch American Idol every week, I am a fan. But I never wanted to be a person that blogs about it every week. Well I had to vent and get this out. Last Week the Idol theme was McCartney/Lennon Songs. Aaron Kelly, Who is 16 years old(and Adorable) sang "The long and Winding Road" the vocals were good, but the song was a little sleepy. Anyways..I like Simon, I respect his work and his success and his brutal honesty, but sometimes he is just an immature man, he says things sometimes that isn't constructive criticism, it's just down right mean and I think to myself "Do you really feel like a man when you put down a 16-17 year old kid, does that make you feel like you've done your job?)Anyways my point being back to Aaron Kelly, You can watch the full performance down below but specifically at about 5:40 in, Aaron is answering a question that Simon asked, and while this poor, shy 16 year old guy is trying to answer, Simon Rolls his eyes and makes this sour face. You can tell that Aaron noticed because it almost throws him off but he does continue to answer the question(Respectfully)If that were me and i caught Simon making that face at me, I would stop talking and I would call him out on it, I would ask him what the look was for and then i would apologize that not even my answers are good enough for him. I was so livid when i saw Simon make that stupid face. Don't ask the question if your not going to listen and give Aaron the respect he deserves. You were an Asshole Simon for doing that, and I know that you probably don't care at all that people say that about you, but if you have any respect for your fans and for people out there, Grow up a little. For once get your head of your ass.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At First Sight Book Review

At First Sight is the Sequel to Nicholas Sparks' book True Believer After meeting Lexie Darnell a short time ago in Boone Creek, Jeremy Marsh finds himself packing up his life in New York and moving to the small town in North Carolina to be with Lexie, who is now his fiance and carrying his miracle baby. When Lexie and Jeremy should be happy and enjoying their life together, the opposite is happening. A writers block is causing Jeremy to be frustrated, and mysterious e-mails questioning his decision to be with Lexie leave him on edge. Except the worst is yet to come, leaving jeremy questioning his faith and love. I found this book very touching and emotional, which isn't a surprise when it comes to any of Nicholas Sparks' books. After about halfway through, the book headed into a direction i was not expecting. I found At First Sight to be a bittersweet book, Although it is filled with Betrayal and Tragedy, It is also filled with Healing, Love, and Self Growth. Nicholas Sparks is known for his tear-jerkers so like any other of his books, make sure the kleenex is nearby because they will be needed. I also thought that Sparks did a great job writing about what couples really go through during marriage and pregnancy, it wasn't sugar coated. I found it very real, and I'm sure some woman or men could relate. Overall i find this book another great one by Nicholas Sparks. I would even like a third installment of these books. I would recommed this book to any sparks fan, True Believer and At First sight were very enjoyable reads.

The Last Song Movie Review

The Last Song is about 17 year old Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, Who is being taken to spend the summer with her father at his beach house in Savannah, Georgia, her 10 year old brother along with her. Ronnie hasn't spoken to her father since her parent's divorced, blaming her father for walking out on them. Mad and frustrated she tries to rebel. Except things don't quite go that way when she meets Will Blakeley, A wealthy, Blond-haired hunk who is nowhere close to her type, but she finds herself falling in love with him. During the course of their relationship and Ronnie's summer, they go through their fair share of up's and down's. But it isn't with Will that Ronnie experiences the hardest thing she will ever have to deal with, and she is left staring down a road she never expected. The movie Stars Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liem Hemsworth and Kelly Preston. There was a lot of doubt about this movie concerning Miley Cyrus. People were being very judgemental before even seeing this movie. I thought She was fantastic, I think this was the perfect start out role for her to get out of Disney. Her acting was very believable, and when it came to the serious parts she shocked me with how well she portrayed the emotion. I will definitely see another movie with her staring in it without hesitation. Greg Kinnear was of course, Amazing, He always is. This was a great role for him playing the family man. Bobby Coleman who played Jonah(Ronnie's Younger brother) was hilarious. Viewers fell in love with him instantly. When his acting came to the more serious parts he was sensational, he had the audience wrapped around his finger. Liem Hamsworth(who played Miley's on-screen boyfriend) is going to have his work cut out for him, After this movie i can already see the scripts flying his way. Little Fact: Miley Cyrus and Liem are a real off screen couple, So I think that real chemistry helped out big time on the big screen. I see nothing but great things for Hemsworth from here on out. He has a smile that will win the hearts of millions of girls and he has the acting to back it up. He is a whole package. This movie over all was fantastic. Nicholas Sparks wrote the screenplay, he actually wrote it before he wrote the book. The story line was incredible. It has everything for any age of female audiences, Old and young. I think the majority of the audience will be women, but i feel that the men that do go see it will be pleasantly surprised. By the time the credits rolled there wasn't a dry eye in the theatre..So girls, Kleenex is a must!! This movie in my opinion is a must see. When it comes to a common question: "Should i read the book first?" With this movie, they both offer enough to differentiate each other, but they have the same general story line. I always recommend reading the book first, but you won't be disappointed with The Last Song book or movie whatever order you happen to do first.
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