Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon DVD Release

Well, It's finally come, The DVD release of New Moon. As I drove up to blockbuster 10 minutes before midnight, thinking i've given myself enough time to get a decent spot in line(When I wasn't even expecting that big of line) I was greatly mistaking. The Line up reached from the Check out Counter and wrapped around the whole store, Weaving between the Movie shelves. The Line was full of different people, Young kids, Teenagers, Women varying in ages between early 20's and late 50's, and a few men were mixed up in the crowd aswell, Some with wives and girlfriends, and some on their own. Once the line started moving an excitment grew in the crowd, and I have to admit that it was contagious, I found myself getting excited to recieve my pre-ordered copy. Once I got to the checkout, I was pleasantly surprised with 2 Free Posters, One of The Volturi(You could choose from 4)and an eclipse poster, and i also recieved a Black braclet that says "New Moon". My Inner 13 year old fan girl was super happy about that. The Next day, I parked myself on the couch and watched the movie, and all the special features, Which i througholy enjoyed. I loved New Moon more than twilight, and I think i owe a lot of that to the Budget and Director Change. I admit Catherine Hardwicke did great with the budget she had, But New Moon definetly delievered when it came to Special Effects, CGI, and Storyline. I can't wait for the theatrical release of Eclipse, See what David Slade added to this huge phenomanon. What did you think of The New Moon DVD and Special features, and Are you excited for Eclipse?
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