Sunday, March 28, 2010

Johnny Angel-Danielle Steel book review

"With a word or a smile, seventeen-year-old Johnny Peterson could light up a room, fill his mother's heart with pride, and inspire the best in those around him. A star athlete and class valedictorian, tall, lanky Johnny had a future filled with promise--until he stepped into a car on prom night, dazzling in his rented tux, and in an instant, it was all taken away."(From the Publisher) This is my first book by Danielle Steel, and I'm not sure if it convinced me enough to pick up a second. The book was a quick read, but i'm still deciding if i enjoyed it. I thought the general story line was great, That's why i picked it up. The Beginning started of really well, and it ended great, but it wasn't enough to make up for everything in between. I found the book repeated itself a lot. The Same explainations and "stories" seemed to be retold over and over again, and at one point i actually started to get annoyed with it. I thought some parts were a little...immature, like it was written by a kid for a high school paper. I've read great reviews about this book so it was just not for me, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, but i wouldn't not recommend it. Everyone has their own tastes, and this book did have a good storyline, So people who like this author or these stories could really enjoy it.
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  1. i read the book and fell inlove with it the first time bt after reading it for a school project again i didnt find myself liking it as much a second time around. Many of her other books i would read again, irfu didn't like this one then please try The Long Road Home that will bring tears to your eyes nt has a shocking end as well

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