Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocky and Me

Rocky is my beloved Black Lab. I wasn't supposed to have Rocky, I already owned 2 dogs, and never thought of owning a 3rd. While at my mother-in-laws house(Who is a dog breeder) she walked us out to show us her new litters of puppies. When way down at the end, I saw this adorable 7 week old lab puppy staring at me. He had this white patch on his chest, and 4 white paws, the rest of him was black. I walked down to him and picked him up right away, and I felt this connection with him that went straight to my heart. I didn't want to put him down. Once my mother-in-law made her way down to me, She told me his story, that he was born to a litter that were pure yellow labs, and he was the only black one, with him not being purely black(With his white markings) the original breeder didn't want him because he couldn't get full price for him, So he gave him to her. She noticed the connection between me and this adorable, squirmy pooch and she said to me "You can have him..for free, I know you'll give him a good home" My fiance spoke up right away and said "Absolutly not, no more dogs, we already have 2, and they are a handful" I felt like a 6 year old again, begging and pleading to let me please have this dog. After some persuasion we were in the car with our new addition(my fiance not to happy at the moment) Almost 2 years have gone by, and neither of us could imagine our life or our other dogs lives without rocky. He brings a joy to all of us that we never knew we were missing until he came. My 3 dogs make me a happier and better person everyday just by looking at them. He truly is a unique, One of a kind dog.
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