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A Bend in The Road Book Review

This book contains everything that sparks is so well known for, Love, Loss, Tragedy, and small town life. This book was a page-turner, I wasn't able to put it down.
A Bend in the Road is about it Miles Ryan, a Sherrif in New Bern, Who lost his wife from a Hit and Run, leaving him a single father to 7 year old Jonah. While both are still trying to cope after 2 years since the loss of a mother and wife, Jonah seems to be having some trouble in school, Which leaves him needing extra help after school by his teacher Sarah Andrews. Sparks fly when Miles and Sarah meet, and Miles starts to feel that he is ready to move on since his wife's death, and pursue things further with Sarah...Until a shocking secret is revealed binding them in a way they never expected.
This book was a powerful love story, Which doesn't come as a surprise when your reading sparks's books, but this one had a good amount of suspense as well, I wasn't able to stop reading, I just wanted to get to the end and find out how everything unfolds. I would recommend this book to anyone. Sparks Fans will love this one, and this book will have sparks new comers coming back for more after they finish

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocky and Me

Rocky is my beloved Black Lab. I wasn't supposed to have Rocky, I already owned 2 dogs, and never thought of owning a 3rd. While at my mother-in-laws house(Who is a dog breeder) she walked us out to show us her new litters of puppies. When way down at the end, I saw this adorable 7 week old lab puppy staring at me. He had this white patch on his chest, and 4 white paws, the rest of him was black. I walked down to him and picked him up right away, and I felt this connection with him that went straight to my heart. I didn't want to put him down. Once my mother-in-law made her way down to me, She told me his story, that he was born to a litter that were pure yellow labs, and he was the only black one, with him not being purely black(With his white markings) the original breeder didn't want him because he couldn't get full price for him, So he gave him to her. She noticed the connection between me and this adorable, squirmy pooch and she said to me "You can have him..for free, I know you'll give him a good home" My fiance spoke up right away and said "Absolutly not, no more dogs, we already have 2, and they are a handful" I felt like a 6 year old again, begging and pleading to let me please have this dog. After some persuasion we were in the car with our new addition(my fiance not to happy at the moment) Almost 2 years have gone by, and neither of us could imagine our life or our other dogs lives without rocky. He brings a joy to all of us that we never knew we were missing until he came. My 3 dogs make me a happier and better person everyday just by looking at them. He truly is a unique, One of a kind dog.
“How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?”
Nicholas Sparks has done it again with another amazing book. This book was a great easy read, full of true love and heart-wrenching tragedy.
The Story is about Travis Parker a man who has it all, A good job, great friends, a beautiful home on the water and everything to fill in his spare time, A parasail boat, Jet ski and a motorcycle. Travis is a happily single man…until he meets Gabby Holland. Gabby seems to have something against Travis and thinks she has him summed up from just one meeting with him that went embarrassingly wrong on her part. But Travis’s interest in gabby only intensifies until it lands them on a road that neither of them predicted.
This book will warm your heart. It will have you laughing and crying. If you’re a Nicholas Sparks fan, then you’ll love this one, if you’re new to him then this is a great one to start with! I would highly recommend this book to anyone. You may need a tissue…or a few.

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Get In On The Movement!

Hey Guys, These are 2 really amazing sites that you should check out. You Can get in on the movement too, Help Change the World!

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Dear John Movie Review

'Dear John' is a story about John Tyree a troubled 23 year old who decided to join the army on a whim. While back home on leave he meets Savannah Curtis, a 21 year old college girl. They spend 2 wonderful weeks together and fall deeply in love. John has to go back to his army commitment for 12 months. John and Savannah try desperately to keep their strong love alive while apart through letters. This movie exceeded all of my expectations. I did read the book first, so I knew the general story going into it. The book spans over a time of 5 years, So I knew the movie wouldn't be able to show everything that happens. There were some significant differences between the book and the movie, but I liked the changes, it made the movie unpredictable for me, I liked not knowing everything that was going to happen. This movie is going to gain a very large female audience but I feel the men that do go see this movie will end up enjoying it themselves, it has lots to offer to all audiences, Old, Young, Male and Female. Channing Tatum put on such a strong, passionate and amazing performance, I wasn't expecting that from. There is a particular scene that involves him and his father, that had me crying so hard in the theatre. Channing Tatum proved what his acting skills are capable of, and I can't wait to see him in more films, especially romance films. Amanda Seyfriend was fantastic as well. Her acting talents shined through in this film and so did her Musical talents as well. She sings a song in the film called "Little House" and it was such a beautiful song. I would over all rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars. To answer a common question.."Should I read the book first?" Well with this movie, it doesn't really matter what you do first, I personally think I got a better experience out of the movie because I read the book first, but if you choose to see the movie first, I still hope you will read the book, it has a lot to offer and it is such a great read. View The 'Dear John' Trailer here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Rescue Book Review

The Rescue is about Denise Holton, a Single mother of a five year old boy named Kyle, who struggles with his speech. Denise and Kyle just moved to Edenton, North Carolina. She doesn't know many people, and her life is pretty routine..Working at the Local Diner and during the day she is working with her son Kyle, Teaching and helping him with his speech. One night, during one of the worst Storms to hit Edenton, Denise and Kyle find themselves in a horrible car accident, Denise unconscious, and Kyle no where to be found. Volunteer firefighter Taylor McAden arrives at the scene of the crash and then finds himself searching for Denise's missing son. After meeting Denise, Taylor's life will never be the same, He experiences love, but also has to deal with things that he has kept buried inside himself for to many years. Nicholas Sparks has done it to me again. I'm going to have to buy Kleenex from now on whenever i pick up a Sparks book. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster from the very beginning. Sparks sure knows how to tug at those heartstrings. He hasn't disappointed me yet and i am starting to believe that it will be impossible for him too. I strongly recommend this book to anyone. If your a Nicholas Sparks fan, then you will Love this one, and if your new to Nicholas Sparks then this is a great start for you, Your going to be hooked! Happy Reading!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Blind Side Review

This is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. I love sports movies, and this one made it to the top of my list. Sandra Bullock's performance was outstanding. The whole entire Cast was amazing. Jae Head as S.J had me laughing the whole way through, he was so cute. Tim Mcgraw was amazing, I hope to see him in more movies. And most importantly, Quinton Aaron who played Michael Oher. This story was so powerful and strong. It is about Michael Oher a young homeless boy who hardly has an education or anyone to care for him. That's until The Tuohy family meet him. Michael's entire life changes. You will definitely be missing out if you don't watch this movie, it proves that there are still great people out in the world, willing to take a risk and help someone out. I highly recommend this movie

Paper Heart Movie Review

Paper Heart was a refreshing and unique film about love. The movie is a "Documentary" the traveling and the interviews with people are real and their stories are real, But the Storyline between Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera was scripted. The movie is about Charlyne Yi, A girl who doesn't believe in love, and is pretty sure that she will never fall in love, So she decides to do a documentary about love and they travel all around the United States interviewing regular people and hearing their love stories. She then meets Michael Cera at a party, Will her feelings on love change?..You'll have to see for yourself. I loved this movie, It was something that I haven't seen done before, I thought the choice for Charlyne's love interest was great, Michael Cera offers a corky, awkward comedy and Charlyne Yi has a corky personality. They complimented each other well. This is a great, refreshing movie, and I think it will be a mistake for people to pass it up. With Valentines Day right around the corner, this will be a movie that you won't want to miss.
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