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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Regulars by Georgia Clark

The Regulars: A Novel
Release Date: August 2nd, 2016
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Canada
Genre: New Adult | Fiction
Pages: 400 Pages
Series: N/A
Format: ARC
Source: From the publisher
Reason: For Review
Find the Author: Website
Buy the Book: Amazon CA | Amazon

Best friends Evie, Krista, and Willow are just trying to make it through their mid-twenties in New York. They’re regular girls, with average looks and typical quarter-life crises: making it up the corporate ladder, making sense of online dating, and making rent.
Until they come across Pretty, a magic tincture that makes them, well...gorgeous. Like, supermodel gorgeous. And it’s certainly not their fault if the sudden gift of beauty causes unexpected doors to open for them.
But there’s a dark side to Pretty, too, and as the gloss fades for these modern-day Cinderellas, there’s just one question left:
What would you sacrifice to be Pretty?
Okay, Gerogia Clark, why are you not writing for SNL, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler?1 Your comedy is epic and you literally had me laughing out loud throughout the entire novel!

Georgia Clark's witty and down right hilarious writing left me in stitches. She has definitely earned a place beside the best comedy goddesses. It's as if Death Becomes Her(Meryl Streep, anyone) and Girls(HBO) had a hot, steamy night and 9 months later, The Regulars was born.

The Regulars is a multi-perspective novel, telling the story of 3 average girls, that are all striving to make it in this big world. They believe the only thing holding them back is their appearance. Well, opportunity came a-knockin' and they were "blessed" with a magical elixir that can make all their superficial dreams come true.

The Regulars is filled with wit and charm, but it is also thought-provoking. You can't help but put yourself in one of their shoes and ask yourself: Would you try the Pretty?

Buckle up, because The Regulars is a wild ride, but with that good time, you'll also witness the heart and soul that is loaded in this book. Yes, you'll laugh, but you'll also feel and witness these girls grow and evolve. You'll watch friendships grow, you'll watch relationships begin and end. There will be tears and at times, sorrow. This book definitely has it all!

A charming cast of characters, outrageously funny and a magically good time, you will simply devour The Regulars!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ramblings of A Crazy Bookworm: Gushing about Book to Strangers

Talking Books with Strangers

Do you ever find yourself out in public, maybe on the bus, in a store, at the gym, etc and find yourself face to face with a complete stranger who happens to hold in their delicate hands, a book that you absolutely adored? Of course you have! 

Some may smile to themselves and hope(to themselves) that they enjoy the book as much as you did...Well not me! Unfortunately for these said strangers, I can't keep my excitement to myself!

"Oh hi there! I see you have a copy of Me Before You. Isn't it SO good? Oh, you just started it? Well TRUST me, it is SOOO good!!!!!! You'll ugly cry your heart out!!!!"

That is generally how a conversation will go when I approach these poor unexpected folks. Sometimes, I am met with equal excitement and we gush for a few minutes. Other times, I am met with wide eyes and utter fear written all over their face.

Either way, I can't help but contain my excitement that they are about to embark on a lovely reading journey, and that I am envious of them for getting to experience this book for the first time!

So, I ask you fellow bookworms, do you approach bookey strangers? Comment and let me know!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beauty of the Broken by Tawni Waters

Beauty of the Broken
Release Date: September 30th, 2014
Publisher: Simon and Schuster | Simon Pulse
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 368 Pages
Series: None
Format: Paperback
Source: From Publisher, unsolicited
Reason: For Review

Growing up in conservative small-town New Mexico, fifteen-year-old Mara was never given the choice to be different. Her parents—an abusive, close-minded father and a detached alcoholic mother—raised Mara to be like all the other girls in Barnaby: God-fearing, churchgoing, and straight. Mara wants nothing to do with any of it. She feels most at home with her best friend and older brother, Iggy, but Iggy hasn’t been the same since their father beat him and put him in the hospital with a concussion.
As Mara’s mother feeds her denial with bourbon and Iggy struggles with his own demons, Mara finds an escape with her classmate Xylia. A San Francisco transplant, Xylia is everything Mara dreams of being: free-spirited, open, wild. The closer Mara and Xylia become, the more Mara feels for her—even though their growing relationship is very much forbidden in Barnaby. Just as Mara begins to live a life she’s only imagined, the girls’ secret is threatened with exposure and Mara’s world is thrown into chaos.
Mara knows she can't live without Xylia, but can she live with an entire town who believes she is an abomination worse than the gravest sin?

"If there is one thing this world as taught me, it's that no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse. Secrets should stay secrets. It keeps them tolerable. Telling secrets turn them into full-on hell.”

I have few regrets in my life, but one regret I do have is that I let this novel sit on my shelf for 2 years, going unread. 

Beauty of the Broken is one of the most exceptional novels I have ever read. In Tawni Waters' author bio it mentions that she is a poet, and that definitely translates into her writing. The writing style had such a beautiful poetic flow to it; the words just lyrically dancing off of the pages. 

Main character, Mara, reminded me so much of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. She was an old soul and was wise beyond her years. She was rough around the edges but so delicate beneath the surface. The premise of this novel will give you a John Green or Rainbow Rowell impression. A coming of age novel that will tug at the heart strings, however Beauty of the Broken is so, so much more than that. This book will do more than "tug at your heart strings". It will yank, and push and pull, and at times, it will completely remove them leaving your heart broken. Having said all that, this book is filled with wondrous moments and breakthroughs. The growth and revelations of Mara and her relationship with Xylia was nothing short of breathtaking. This novel took a love story to a whole new level. To quote John Green, their Love Story unfolded slowly, and then all at once. 

This book is more than a love story though. Mara will gently take your hand and guide you along side her; giving you a peek into her soul. You will meet(and fall in love) with Iggy immediately and your heart will also break for him. This book will also fill you with anger. Anger at the world knowing that these unfortunately events happen to people every day, and also anger towards the characters. I never knew I could get so furious at someone fictional!

Beauty of the Broken and Tawni Waters should be sitting alongside the literary greats. Tawni Waters has earned herself a shinning spot next to Yeats, Steinbeck and Harper Lee. 

I regret that I took so long to reach for this book, but now I am forever grateful that I finally had the chance to meet Mara and that she let me into her life for that brief moment in time

Friday, April 29, 2016


Key Art

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nicholas Sparks' The Choice is Now on Digital HD!


Based on The New York Times Best-Selling Novel, Nicholas Sparks' Story of True Love and Tough Decisions


  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Cinematic Choices: Making The Choice” Featurette
  • “Choosing Home: Nicholas Sparks and North Carolina” Featurette
  • “Nicholas Sparks with…” Featurette
  • Molly & Moby: Choice Dogs
  • Audio Commentary with Director Ross Katz and Actor Benjamin Walker

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wherefore Art Thou Crazy Bookworm

Hello Crazy Readers,

I don't know if you've visited the Blog lately, but if you have then I'm sure you've noticed my absence. I've been debating about even doing a post regarding the events that took place in April. I figured once everything came back to some sort of normalcy, I'll just continue on, business as usual, like nothing happened. But, that's not fair, I owe it to my dear readers, at the very least, a quick explanation on where I have been, and why the posts have been lacking.

In early April, my fiance and I were shocked with the news that his mother has fallen ill. After a brief 3 day stay in the hospital, she passed away peacefully surrounded by family. Her life was taken too soon, at the young age of 59 years old. The following week and a half went by in a blur. Still reeling from the shock of her loss, and now caught in the whirlwind of funeral planning, it's needless to say that not much reading or much of anything got done.

Then, a week or so after, just as we felt we were starting to get some wind back in our sails, our dear, beloved 7 year old black lab got sick, and unfortunately, could not be saved. His spleen had ruptured due to an undiagnosed tumour. His loss hit us like a ton of bricks. He was more than just a dog, and his absence in the house is so strong. We are all lost without him around.

So, Crazy Readers, those have been the unfortunate events that have taken over my April. Although we are still heartbroken and grieving, we are focusing on everything we still have in our lives, and cherishing all of the wonderful memories that we're left with from my Mother-in-Law and my Dog, Rocky. I thank you all for your patience while the blog has taken a hit during this time. Reading has slowly come back into my daily life and has turned into a welcome distraction.

The Crazy Bookworm will be back again!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Worth the Hype? Top 10 Books that are Worth the Hype!

We have all been there...We hear the thunderous chatter of avid readers RAVING about a book. We simply can't handle being left out any longer so we trudge to the book store, in the winter, uphill both ways, to purchase said book with our very last few dollars that we were saving for food, but reading is more important, right?! We can't wait to get home, get into our coziest reading clothes and curl up on the couch and devour this book so we can finally join this elite group of readers...Then you've finished; to say you were underwhelmed is a understatement. You are flooded with complete disappointed and irritated as to why this book didn't speak to you like it did to the others. You just want to hide away and speak about this moment to no one. 

It's happened to all of us! We are human. Different strokes for different folks, right? Well, having said all of this, I thought I would compile a list of the books that I think were totally worth the hype. Books that I was hesitant to finally read because I was terrified they wouldn't live up to the high expectations already created, despite my best efforts to keep an open mind. 

Books Worth the Hype, yo!

The Book Thief

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)

I'll Give You the Sun

Looking for Alaska

Lost & Found

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Out of the Easy

I Was Here


Honourable Mention

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Have you read any of the books on this list? Did you enjoy them as much as I did? It's okay if you didn't! 

What books have you read that were totally worth the hype?


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